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Download No website Updated 30 Jan 2001 Warship Battle

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Vit 1.00

Warship Battle is based on the old game of battleship, but with customization features. You can change the field size and the number of boats. Boats can be put one by one on the field or generated. Choose to strike in turn or until you miss. Three levels of difficulty are available. Preferences are remembered between sessions.

No download Website Updated 03 Jun 2014 AOLserver

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Vit 5.55

AOLserver is a multithreaded, Tcl-enabled, massively scalable and extensible Web server tuned for large scale, dynamic Web sites. It includes complete database integration, dynamic page scripting, and an open, extensible architecture.

Download Website Updated 22 Feb 2003 saCASH

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Vit 3.20

saCash is a Quicken-like financial account manager. It handles multiple accounts, account transfers, and reconciles information.

Download Website Updated 29 Nov 2012 SableCC

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Vit 15.27

SableCC is a parser generator that generates fully featured object-oriented frameworks for building compilers, interpreters, and other text parsers. In particular, generated frameworks include intuitive strictly-typed abstract syntax trees and tree walkers. SableCC also keeps a clean separation between machine-generated code and user-written code, which leads to a shorter development cycle.

Download Website Updated 13 Jul 2004 arianne

Pop 300.57
Vit 6.50

Arianne is a multiplayer online engine to develop turn based and real time games. It provides a simple way of creating games using Python for a game's description. Marauroa, its server, uses Java, MySQL, UDP, and Python for hosting dozens of players.

No download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 JFwadmin

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Vit 2.02

JFwadmin is a Java 2 high-level X11 tool for ipchains. The GUI displays easy-to-understand services. Features include scripts generation, firewall save and restore, automatic interface and IP address and routes detection, current firewall configuration display, and handling of masq-modules and port-forwarding.

Download Website Updated 25 Aug 2003 kissme

Pop 38.68
Vit 3.27

kissme is a free Java Virtual Machine that can run console Java applications. It is to be used with the GNU Classpath Java class library, and also provides support for orthogonally persistent Java.

Download Website Updated 18 May 2003 SoLinger Java Sdbm

Pop 24.66
Vit 1.62

Java Sdbm is a Java port of Sdbm, a small and fast embedded DBM that is the default disk hash distributed with Perl. Sdbm is useful as a fast index database for caches.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 SoLinger Java CrackLib

Pop 10.39
Vit 1.00

Solinger Java Cracklib is the initial Java port of the CrackLib password checker library. It includes compressed dictionary routines, mangling rules parsing, and the core password checking routines.

No download Website Updated 20 Jul 2004 Site Studio

Pop 26.76
Vit 3.42

Site Studio is an online template-based Web site creation tool. It's easy to use for the beginner, and yet featured enough for the professional Web developer.


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APC Action Applications

Automated publishing for non-profit Web sites.


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A persistence and application distribution framework.