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Download Website Updated 03 Aug 2001 JaCoB Comment Board

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JaCoB is a JSP/Servlet/JDBC community building system. It is intended to be a private place online to set up plans between a group of friends, as email tends to be insufficient. Other equivalent systems seemed a little too complex to set up, so this system was produced.

Download Website Updated 04 Aug 2001 Mailer

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Mailer is a tool that allows you to send out mass mails with personalized content. It currently features a basic template mechanism, databases in the form of CSV files, SMTP transport, and authentication via POP login.

No download Website Updated 16 Aug 2001 OpenJava

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OpenJava allows programmers to customize the language to implement new language mechanism through MOP. OpenJava helps people who want to develop better Java libraries. It also helps people who are developing their own extended Java languages. OpenJava can also be regarded as a toolkit for constructing a Java preprocessor.

Download Website Updated 17 Aug 2001 OpenAdapter

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Openadaptor is Java/XML-based EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) software.

Download Website Updated 17 Aug 2001 Brazil

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Brazil is a distributed content Web application server. The framework enables stand-alone systems to work together within the Web space, and a strong authentication architecture allows extranets to access intranets in an open environment without compromising security. The Brazil project promotes the functionality of portals and content aggregators, by sitting between the content providers and the users to offer fully personalized and customized content pulled from a variety of independent Web sources.

Download Website Updated 18 Aug 2001 Generic Empire for the Masses

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GEMpire is a simple turn based multiplayer strategy game, written in java, designed to be played over the internet in client-server fashion. It is a generalization of the commercial game Empire Deluxe for the PC. It consists mainly of a server, a client, a map editor, and a random map generator.

Download Website Updated 28 Feb 2014 DocBook Doclet

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DocBook Doclet is a javadoc doclet that creates DocBook XML and UML class diagrams from Javadoc.

Download No website Updated 02 Sep 2001 ATG Dynamo integration for JBuilder

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ATG Dynamo integration for JBuilder is a JBuilder 5 plugin that makes it easy to deploy J2EE applications to the ATG Dynamo Application Server version 5.1 (DAS). It can be installed and run with the other JBuilder 5 plugins such as BEA WebLogicServer 5.1, BEA WLS 6, IBM WebSphere 3.5, Borland AS 4.5, etc.

No download Website Updated 06 Sep 2001 javamountains

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javamountains is a port of the xmountains fractal mountain generator to java. It generates a sideways scrolling fractal mountain range in an applet window.

    Download Website Updated 16 Sep 2001 Open DirectConnect / Java Direct Connect

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    Open DirectConnect enables non-Windows users (Linux/Mac/Unix/etc.) to use DirectConnect, which was originally developed by www.neo-modus.com. neo-modus.com is in no way supporting this project, and does not support this client.


    Project Spotlight


    A POSIX/GNU command line argument parser.


    Project Spotlight

    Talend Open Studio for Data Integration

    An extendable extract-transform-load tool where jobs are Perl or Java scripts.