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No download Website Updated 31 Oct 2007 CalDAV4j

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CalDAV4j is a protocol library that extends the Slide project's WebDAV client library (which itself is an extension of the Apache's HttpClient library) to allow high level manipulation of CalDAV calendar collections as well as lower level CalDAV protocol interactions.

Download Website Updated 18 Jan 2003 Caramel

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Caramel is a collection of open-source Java utility classes and includes class utility methods, color utility methods and constants that let you use more than a hundred predefined colors by name (such as azure, chocolate, deepskyblue, indigo, etc.), data utility methods to get a timestamp in a RFC-1123 format, file utility methods to get file extensions or to save a stream to a file, MIME utility methods, net utility methods, string utility methods to fill in templates, and much more.

No download Website Updated 13 Jan 2003 CarrierWave

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CarrierWave provides a set of facilities that automate and extend the EJB Value Object (or Data Transfer Object) pattern into supporting arbitrary value graphs. Specifically, CarrierWave provides a code generator that creates typed value objects from the source code of corresponding business objects, a client interface supporting the selection, modification, deletion, and invocation of business objects, and near-transparent business object persistence through various object persistence applications and interfaces like JDO.

Download Website Updated 17 Dec 2007 Cell Electrophysiology Simulation Environment

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Cell Electrophysiology Simulation Environment is a framework to perform electrophysiological simulations. It can, for example, simulate cardiac myocyte electrical activity. It is useful for simulations of action potentials, individual ionic currents, and changes in ionic concentrations.

Download Website Updated 26 Mar 2009 Cernunnos

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Cernunnos embodies software industry best practices based on innovative design principals. It dramatically reduces time and effort in Java development by effectively promoting reuse in common programming tasks.

Download Website Updated 26 Aug 2003 Cewolf

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Cewolf can be used inside a Servlet/JSP-based Web application to embed complex graphical charts of all kinds (e.g. line, pie, bar chart, plots, etc.) into a Web page. It provides a full-featured tag library to define all properties of the chart (colors, strokes, legend, etc.), thus the JSP which embedds the chart is not polluted with any Java code. Everything is described with XML-compliant tags.

Download Website Updated 24 May 2006 Chart Taglibs

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Chart Taglibs is a free taglib (JSP 1.1) library for JFreeChart. These are easy to use, and allow the developer to draw any graphics supported by JFreeChart using only the tags.

Download Website Updated 19 Jul 2002 Chart2D

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Chart2D is a library written in Java for adding 2D charts to Java programs (or for exporting them to images). It can draw pie, line, vertical and horizontal bar, and scatter-plot charts. It can also draw charts with any combination of lines, bars, and dots.

No download Website Updated 10 Oct 2003 Cigol

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Cigol is a scripting language designed to solve deductive logic problems. It is designed to be run from the command line or embedded inside an application. There is also a (limited) Cigol applet. Cigol has applications to AI, graph theory, automata, and database manipulation.

Download Website Updated 11 Jun 2003 Classfile Reader & Writer

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Classfile Reader & Writer is a Java package that makes it easy to read and write Java class files. It does not provide any help with displaying the contents of a class file (besides debug output) or disassembe the byte codes, but can read "obfuscated" class files such as those generated by Crema.


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Univention Corporate Server (UCS)

A server operating system with an integrated identity and infrastructure management system.


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A Suricata based IDS/IPS distribution.