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No download Website Updated 07 Mar 2003 j phone info

Pop 31.37
Vit 64.04

jphoneinfo is a simple J2ME-compliant utility to show the characteristics of a J2ME-enabled mobile phone.

Download Website Updated 20 Dec 2003 Sheepsort

Pop 22.36
Vit 61.75

Sheepsort is a MIDlet game where one has to put up some fences on a sheep pasture in order to separate the black sheep from the white sheep. The problem is that the fences must not be hit by a sheep while they are being built.

No download Website Updated 28 Dec 2003 XeqTunnel

Pop 14.28
Vit 61.68

XeqTunnel is an HTTP tunneling package that makes Java client-server programming easier for applets and for applications. It can also be used to create wireless applications for high-end mobile phones, such as the Sony Ericsson P900. Only "one line of code" is needed to turn programs into distributed client-server applications.

No download Website Updated 01 May 2004 J2MESafe

Pop 18.41
Vit 60.66

J2MESafe is an end-user Java application that stores sensitive information, like passwords, on mobile phones, using strong encryption.

No download Website Updated 02 Jul 2004 Cash2ME

Pop 16.43
Vit 60.15

Cash2ME is a J2ME midlet that keeps track of expenses. It supports using the COM ports (Irda, USB, etc.) of your mobile to sync with your computer (OTA/GPRS is on the way). The export format is QIF, so you will be able to sync with GnuCash or any other QIF-capable software.

No download Website Updated 27 Aug 2004 ToneDial

Pop 16.91
Vit 59.68

ToneDial dials phone numbers from the internal phone book by playing dtmf sounds from a MIDP2.0+MMAPI-enabled phone.

Download Website Updated 21 Sep 2004 Bubblet

Pop 16.43
Vit 59.47

Bubblet is a small puzzle game. The player moves a cursor across the screen and dissolves fields that have at least one neighboring field with the same color. If you dissolve fields, all fields above that position will fall down. Bonus points are earned for multiple contiguous fields. If there are no more neighboring fields, the game is over and your high score is saved.

Download Website Updated 11 Sep 2005 midpsmtp

Pop 14.83
Vit 56.41

midpsmtp is a Java (J2ME) MIDP application (MIDlet) that allows you to send short email messages from MIDP-capable devices such as cellphones and PDAs.

No download Website Updated 26 Jan 2006 Relational XQuery

Pop 8.72
Vit 55.20

Abacus Systems's Relational XQuery is an XQJ-compatible XQuery processor that allows you to execute XQuery against both relational data and native XML data sources. Relational data can be directly transformed to XML and aggregated and joined with XML data. Relational XQuery can be used in any application where relational data and XML must be integrated, such as Web Services applications, Service Oriented Architectures, and XML-based J2EE applications.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2006 maisOui

Pop 8.43
Vit 55.14

maisOui is a French-Italian-French translator for J2ME platforms. It supports offline translation with an internal database of about 1700 words and online translation using Babelfish. A list of common phrases is also provided.


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    A tool that indexes directories and files from your filesystem into Solr.


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    An event and task manager.