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Download Website Updated 02 Oct 2004 VeJOTP

Pop 55.15
Vit 2.31

VeJOTP is a midlet that generates RFC2289 (S/Key style) one time passwords. It can run on very basic J2ME implementations, such as the types commonly found in mobile phones. It has been tested on Palm, various MIDP 1.0 emulators, and several Nokia phones.

    Download Website Updated 23 Apr 2006 JVending

    Pop 51.96
    Vit 3.90

    JVending is a P2P (JXTA) based mobile content provisioning system that implements most of the JSR-124 spec. It provides catalog management, device detection, Web/WAP based browsing, and peer searches.

    No download Website Updated 07 Apr 2004 Bomber

    Pop 23.07
    Vit 1.00

    Bomber is an award winning game for Nokia Series 60 in which you fly a WWI plane in world with realistic physics, destructible terrain, and other goodies.

    Download Website Updated 16 May 2005 JHttpTunnel

    Pop 85.56
    Vit 2.12

    JHttpTunnel is an implementation of the GNU httptunnel protocol in Java. It creates a bidirectional virtual data connection tunnelled in HTTP requests.

    No download Website Updated 11 Apr 2004 MIDP Emulation Layer

    Pop 21.17
    Vit 1.00

    The aim of MIDP Emulation Layer is to create an implementation of MIDP API atop of J2SE, so applet versions of mobile Java games can be made very easily. These applets then can be placed on a Web site for marketing purposes.

    Download Website Updated 11 Jan 2010 Visual Paradigm for UML Community Edition

    Pop 380.33
    Vit 11.87

    Visual Paradigm for UML is a Unified Modeling Language (UML) design tool that supports all UML diagrams, SysML diagrams, and entity relationship diagrams. Visual Paradigm for UML provides extensive use case modeling features, including full function UML use case diagram, flow of events editor, use case/actor grid, and activity diagram generation. Visual Paradigm for UML produces system documentation in PDF, HTML, and MS Word formats. A developer can design system documentation with the template designer. A system analyst can estimate the consequences of changes with impact analysis diagrams, such as matrix and analysis diagram. Visual Paradigm for UML generates Java code.

    No download Website Updated 10 May 2004 RSS Reader MIDlet

    Pop 49.75
    Vit 1.42

    RSS Reader MIDlet is an RSS feed reader for handhelds that can run Java MIDlets (J2ME). It uses RMS (persistent storage) for offline reading. It is MIDP 1.0 CLDC 1.0 compliant, and requires about 256 kb of memory to work well.

    Download Website Updated 11 Jan 2010 SDE for Eclipse

    Pop 270.57
    Vit 7.74

    SDE for Eclipse is a UML modeling environment tightly integrated with Eclipse IDE. It lets you draw all types of UML diagrams (use case diagrams, class diagrams, component diagrams, etc.) in Eclipse, reverse source code (Java, C++, XML, XML Schema, CORBA IDL, etc.) to UML models, and generate Java source from UML diagrams. It features the latest UML notation support, a Rational Rose importer, an XMI importer, Microsoft Visio integration, HTML/PDF documentation generators, and plug-in and template support.

    No download Website Updated 01 May 2004 J2MESafe

    Pop 18.41
    Vit 60.66

    J2MESafe is an end-user Java application that stores sensitive information, like passwords, on mobile phones, using strong encryption.

    No download Website Updated 25 May 2004 Kinga's Colors

    Pop 26.61
    Vit 1.00

    Kinga's Colors is a Java (MIDL1) clone of a game in which the player has to form lines of colors by moving randomly inserted balls around a board. It has been tested on SonyEricsson: T610, T630 and NOKIA: 6800, 6610.


    Project Spotlight


    A tool that indexes directories and files from your filesystem into Solr.


    Project Spotlight


    An event and task manager.