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Download Website Updated 08 Feb 2002 IRK Tcl IRC Client Library

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IRK is a Tcl IRC client library. IRK is intended for Tcl programmers that want to use the IRC protocol for communication. It can be used to ease the creation of IRC "bots", to serve as the basis for graphical chat clients, and to allow IRKs to find each other without centralized coordination by meeting on a designated IRC server and channel. This last feature makes it ideal for negotiating the initial contact of P2P programs without requiring a central registry or server.

Download Website Updated 23 Jul 2002 Amethyst

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Amethyst started as a port of Infobot to POE, continuing as a generic bot core with the ability to handle multiple connections using different protocols (not necessarily IRC) and soft route the incoming messages through a number of processing centres. One of these processing centres contains much of the original Infobot core.

Download No website Updated 18 Feb 2002 Ofnibot

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Ofnibot seeks to reimplement a subset of the functionality provided by the popular Infobot IRC information bot. It learns from chat conversations and answers questions from users based on its knowledge. Ofnibot is written in Perl and uses the POE IRC modules for IRC communication. Its database files are compatible with Infobot database files and Ofnibot supports a large subset of Infobot commands. On the other hand, Ofnibot was programmed from the ground up to be small and compact. Consequently, it does not include most of the "extras" provided by other IRC information bots.

Download Website Updated 25 Mar 2014 ngIRCd

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ngIRCd is a portable IRC daemon written from scratch. It is easy to configure, supports server links (even with original ircds) and runs on hosts with changing IP addresses (such as dial-in networks). Currently supported platforms are AIX, A/UX, Darwin/Mac OS X, FreeBSD, HP-UX, IRIX, Linux, NetBSD, SunOS/Solaris, and Windows with Cygwin.

Download Website Updated 19 Mar 2002 Yet Another SHell

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YaSH (Yet Another SHell) is a small, secure, portable shell with integrated scripts & simple programs (an IRC client, CD writer, etc.).

Download Website Updated 07 Nov 2007 DarkerIRC

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DarkerIRC is a Java applet which provides IRC client functionality. It was written to be highly configurable (through the parameter tags and configuration file) and still easy to install and maintain. It can connect to any server or IRC network using the binary version, which contains a self-signed certificate.

Download Website Updated 28 Jun 2010 rbot

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rbot is an IRC bot written in Ruby. It's similar to an infobot, with some extra features and some changed. It has a dynamic plugin architecture, making plugin writing fast and easy.

Download Website Updated 04 Nov 2005 open sTeam

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sTeam provides a technical platform which allows groups of students, lecturers, and any other groups to construct and arrange their individual and cooperative learning and working space. It consists of an object-oriented server connected to a database, and Web, Java, and other (FTP, SMTP, IRC, etc.) clients. The server is event-driven and manages all user objects as well as the communication between the connected clients. Features that were different from most other cooperation tools is the self-organisation and self-administration by the members within the virtual environment.

Download Website Updated 06 Apr 2002 TheBOT

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TheBot is a simple IRC bot written in the bash scripting language. It is based on a modular design.

Download Website Updated 21 Aug 2003 Caraxy

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Caraxy is a proxy that allows the Caramail chat system to be accessible from IRC clients.


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An HTTP server for sleepy applications and slow clients.


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Embedthis MakeMe

A modern replacement for make and autoconf.