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No download No website Updated 21 Oct 2011 The FACT Programming Language

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FACT is a mixed functional and imperative programing language which uses first-class environments as its primary data type. It supports many high level concepts while still remaining a very simple language.

No download Website Updated 27 Mar 2011 AI-Prolog

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AI::Prolog is a predicate logic engine implemented in pure Perl. In predicate logic, instead of telling the computer how to do something, you tell the computer what something is and let it figure out how to do it. Conceptually, this is similar to regular expressions. The AI::Prolog distribution contains a Prolog shell called aiprolog and two short adventure games, spider.pro and sleepy.pro.

Download Website Updated 24 Apr 2014 husk-scheme

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Husk is an implementation of the Scheme programming language for the Haskell Platform. Advanced R5RS features are provided, including continuations, hygienic macros, and a full numeric tower.

No download Website Updated 17 Feb 2011 Tcl (CPAN)

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The Tcl extension provides a small but complete interface into libtcl and any other Tcl-based library for Perl programmers. It lets you create Tcl interpreters (as Perl 5 objects), bind in commands to them (either Perl subroutines or C functions dynamically loaded with the DynaLoader extension), and execute Tcl code in those interpreters.

No download Website Updated 06 Feb 2011 JE

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JE is a pure Perl ECMAScript (JavaScript) engine. It is easy to install, with no C compiler necessary. It is compatible with Data::Dump::Streamer, so the runtime environment can be serialized. The parser can be extended/customized to support extra (or fewer) language features. All JavaScript datatypes can be manipulated directly from Perl.

Download Website Updated 11 May 2014 The Aime Interpreter

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aime is a simple, C-like programming language and an interpreter, both designed to be embeddable in applications. The language is straightforward, trivial, and direct. Its syntax is simpler than that of C, while still providing for full object management, higher order functions, and references. The interpreter is secure and expressive, allowing comprehensive control over program execution and providing powerful methods of application integration.

Download Website Updated 02 Feb 2011 Subs

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Subs is a Scheme Lisp interpreter written in C++. The implementation is incomplete and naive, but aims to implement enough to be able to run every code sample in Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs.

Download Website Updated 03 Jan 2013 EGSL Interpreter

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EGSL is a small interpreter which can execute Lua scripts. It includes some functions for fast and easy game development. These are image manipulation functions, functions for 2D drawing, sound and music, input via mouse, keyboard, and joypad, and some helper functions. The engine is based on SDL, SDL_gfx, and SDL_mixer, and additionally on SDL_image on Haiku-OS.

Download Website Updated 30 Apr 2010 TinyTcl

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Vit 38.61

Tiny Tcl 6.8 is a rommable, minimal Tcl implementation for embedded applications. Derived from the venerable Tcl 6.7 release, Tiny Tcl 6.8 has a solid Tcl feature set, excluding newer capabilities of Tcl 7 and 8 such as the bytecode compiler, namespaces, sockets, and async event handling, among others. Excluding C library functions, Tiny Tcl compiles down to less than 60 Kbytes on most machines, far smaller than any Tcl 7 or Tcl 8 derivatives.

No download Website Updated 13 Apr 2010 Open Basic interpreter for embedding

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Open Basic (OB) is an implementation of the BASIC programming language. It is intended to for embedding into user applications as a scripting language. User-defined functions can be written in C/C++, assembler, or other languages and can be activated from BASIC programs, receive parameters of different types, return their results.


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A utility to automate shipping of open-source project releases.


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A program that works like watch -d, but for JSON.