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Download Website Updated 06 Aug 2002 EverySource

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EverySource (formerly known as PyREXX) is an interprocess messaging system and enterprise application integration server which makes use of HTTP, XML-RPC, Jabber, and Python. It is possible to enhance the server's functionality with extensions.

Download No website Updated 01 Oct 2004 Expression server

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Expression is a Liberty Alliance, WebDAV, and XML-based Web application framework and server.

Download Website Updated 14 Mar 2014 F*EX

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F*EX (Frams' Fast File EXchange) is a Web based service for sending very big files from one person to another. The sender uploads the file to the F*EX server and the recipient automatically gets a notification email with a download URL. Files are automatically deleted after download or an expiration date. The recipient and sender only need an email program and a Web browser. Sending to multiple recipients needs storage on the server only once. In contrast with other file transfer services, it has no file size limits at all and comes with shell tools for scripting up/downloading.

Download No website Updated 29 Mar 2002 FTP Rider

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FTP Rider is a collection of Python scripts that build an FTP search engine. Only path/filenames are indexed, not the contents of the files. The indexer recursively follows all directories. It indexes multiple FTP servers concurrently (default is 50), and the information is stored in a MySQL database.

No download Website Updated 03 Sep 2006 Factor

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Factor is a dynamically-typed stack-based programming language. Factor runs on various OSes and CPU architectures, and provides an optimizing compiler, interactive development environment, powerful collections, higher order programming, continuations, and a growing library of contributed code.

No download Website Updated 22 Jan 2007 Fedora Digital Object Repository

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The Fedora software is based on an architecture known as FEDORA (Flexible Extensible Digital Object and Repository Architecture). The software takes advantage of distributed (or local) Web services, and makes representations of objects (called disseminations) available via HTTP. It is particularly good at handling complex digital objects where source datastreams and behaviors are distributed. There are two binary distributions (server and client), and a source distribution (including all libraries and source code needed to build any distribution).

Download No website Updated 19 Feb 2014 Filed

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Filed is a simple and above all else fast HTTP server for serving local static files over HTTP from Linux. It does the least amount of effort possible to get to the point of handing the actual transfer over to the kernel.

Download Website Updated 13 Jan 2002 FilterProxy

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FilterProxy is a Perl script that acts as a generic Web proxy. It is unique in that it allows you to install modules that can perform arbitrary transformations on HTML (or any other MIME-type) and HTTP headers. It filters ads by stripping HTML from the page, anonymizes requests by removing Referer and User-Agent headers, compresses HTML content, and de-animates animated gifs. Configuration is done via Web-based forms or editing a Perl data structure.

Download Website Updated 14 Nov 2004 Fizmez Web Server

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The Fizmez Web Server is a small Web server written in Java. Its source code can serve as a useful learning tool for those who wish to learn about Java server sockets.

Download Website Updated 11 Sep 2009 Flumotion

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Flumotion Streaming Server is a streaming server that supports streaming in free formats. It uses a distributed architecture, and sports an easy-to-use configuration GUI.


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A drive encryption script that makes encryption of storage media and virtual files quick and easy.


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A lightweight, RESTful server for medical imaging.