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No download Website Updated 17 Sep 2002 BSDsar

Pop 44.54
Vit 1.83

BSDsar generates a history of usage on a FreeBSD machine. It logs data such as CPU usage, disk activity, network bandwidth usage and activity, NFS information, memory, and swap. It is similar to atsar (for Linux) and sar (for Solaris).

Download No website Updated 28 Apr 2001 sformat

Pop 52.69
Vit 1.00

Sformat allows you to format, partition, analyze, and repair SCSI disks. Sformat is the first SCSI disk formatting utility for SunOS/Solaris. It should run on many other OSes, but it will do so without the ability to manage partitions.

Download Website Updated 01 May 2001 Compaq PCI Hot Plug Driver for Linux

Pop 15.43
Vit 1.00

The Compaq PCI Hot Plug Driver for Linux provides support for PCI Hot Plug in Linux. It includes a driver for the Compaq PCI Hot Plug controller found in various servers, relevant kernel patches, documentation, command line interface, and a GUI.

Download Website Updated 05 Jan 2002 Vaio JogMouse

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Vit 1.03

JogMouse enables mapping of the jogdial found on some Sony Vaio laptops (505 and crusoe-powered picturebooks) to the mouse scroll-wheel and middle button.

Download Website Updated 09 May 2001 k6mult

Pop 15.68
Vit 1.00

The k6mult utility sets the CPU multiplier factor on AMD K6-III+ and K6-2+ processors featuring AMD PowerNow(tm). The CPU clock speed is determined by multiplying this factor by the Front Side Bus (FSB) speed. You should use the k6mult utility if you want to increase the multiplier factor after boot to overcome boot-time CPU speed limitations in some BIOSs that do not recognize the K6-III+, or to lower the CPU speed after boot to save power. k6mult comes with a command-line program of the same name to set the CPU multiplier factor immediately, and a boot-time service to set the parameter from a config file.

Download Website Updated 24 Feb 2002 transitmount

Pop 37.84
Vit 2.06

transitmount is simple rack/removable hard disk management. It mounts partitions not mentioned in fstab, by volume name if available, without needing root intervention. It is intended for desktop machines, either run by unprivileged users or people who often swap hard disks.

Download Website Updated 02 Apr 2002 PalmWac

Pop 48.66
Vit 1.79

PalmWac is PalmOS software which will turn your PDA into a Wacom compatible tablet, suitable to be used under X11, gpm, or other environments.

Download Website Updated 22 Mar 2005 libieee1284

Pop 72.68
Vit 5.18

libieee1284 is intended to be used by applications that need to communicate with (or at least identify) devices that are attached via a parallel port.

Download Website Updated 07 Jun 2001 Linux Driver and API for Datel PC-462

Pop 10.77
Vit 68.88

The Linux Driver and API for Datel PC-462 project aims to produce a Linux driver and API for the Datel PC-462 Data Acquisition Card/Power Supply. From correspondence with Datel, there is no other Linux driver/API for this board. This software will allow developers and engineers to write test software that runs on Linux and incorporates the Datel hardware.

Download Website Updated 25 Jun 2001 Battery Panel

Pop 43.59
Vit 68.75

Battery Panel is a system preference panel for PalmOS which displays the current battery settings. If your handheld supports user-changeable batteries (Alkaline, NiCad), the battery type can be chosen. The warning and critical (shut off) voltages can also be set. All settings will survive a soft reset. Battery Panel is an application, and it does not patch any system trap (unlike a hackmaster hack).


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