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No download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 WorldStation

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WorldStation is a Java-based control panel to control the Ten-Tec DSP RX-320 shortwave receiver. The RX-320 is a "black box" radio which has no front-panel and is controlled via your PC's serial port. With an appropriate antenna, the RX-320 will allow you to listen to thousands of broadcasts from around the world. WorldStation features integrated Xbase frequency database support and advanced scanning to allow the user to visualize the radio spectrum.

Download No website Updated 30 Jan 2001 WWL

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Given two Maidenhead locators, WWL calculates distance and azimuth. This is for ham-radio users.

Download Website Updated 02 Oct 2008 xastir

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XASTIR (X Amateur Station Tracking and Information Reporting) is a software client which uses amateur radio's APRS protocol. XASTIR provides messaging and realtime tracking of stations using map plotting via radio and Internet data streams.

Download No website Updated 20 Mar 2005 xconvers

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Xconvers is a client for the amateur radio convers system (port 3600), which resembles IRC. The convers system is optimized for producing less traffic, because some of its servers are connected through the radio waves, where bandwidth is scarce.

Download Website Updated 22 Jan 2008 NEC2 graphic post-processor

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The NEC2 post-processor (necpp) is post-processor for the graphic files produced by NEC2, the antenna analyzer. It plots the results in various ways, including gain and SWR. Antenna designers and radio amateurs should find this useful.

Download No website Updated 16 Apr 2008 xtalfind

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xtalfind checks whether any XTAL is suitable for a HAM radio circuit (TX, RX). Given a base XTAL frequency, it shows you all possible uses within HAM bands. It features CW TX and direct conversion RX. It supports 455kHz, 10.7MHz, and custom IF value receivers, DRM, and SDRadio applications.

No download Website Updated 30 Jul 2011 hamfax

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hamfax is a QT/X11 application for sending and receiving amateur radio facsimiles. Supported interfaces between computer and transceiver are a sound card and the SCS-PTC.

Download Website Updated 02 Mar 2011 Gpredict

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Gpredict is a real time satellite tracking and orbit prediction program. Besides the general orbital data for satellites, gpredict can also calculate the footprint, visibility, doppler shift, signal loss, and signal delay for each satellite relative to one or more ground stations. The calculated data can be viewed in tables, on maps, or on polar graphs.

Download No website Updated 22 Mar 2005 xcall

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Xcall is a GTK packet radio program which supports the AX.25, NET/ROM, and Rose protocols.

Download No website Updated 24 Feb 2011 xlog

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Xlog is an easy to use program for logging your radio contacts. Contacts are saved in a browsable list which can be edited.


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An advanced monitoring dashboard management engine for Nagios, Zabbix, and other open source monitoring software.


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An ncurses file manager.