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Download Website Updated 24 Nov 2003 cad2octree

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Vit 61.96

cad2octree allows users to generate an octree structure from a surface model in DXF format. The octree is kept in a preorder traversion bit stream. The structure is generated from rigid bodies.

Download Website Updated 24 Feb 2007 pbm2mlg

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Vit 51.48

pbm2mlg is a convertor from PBM (portable bitmap) to the MLG (MSI logo) format, which is used for startup logos on the MSI MegaStick 528 MP3 player.

No download Website Updated 21 Nov 2008 JGrit

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Vit 44.88

JGrit is a program that converts images from common formats (e.g. GIF, JPEG, BMP, and PNG) to source code that can be used to render the image on either the Game Boy Advance (GBA) or the Nintendo DS (NDS) system. There are already programs that do this, but none that play nicely with both Windows and Linux. It uses the grit command line tool as a backend.

No download Website Updated 29 Mar 2008 Image Resizing Class

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Image Resizing Class is a PHP class that can be used to resize images while preserving their aspect ratio. It can open a JPEG, PNG, or GIF image and resize it in such way that neither the width nor the height exceed given size limits. The image is resized to preserve the original proportion between the width and height. The resized image is generated in the JPEG format, overwriting the original image file.


Project Spotlight


A tool that displays information about BOINC projects.


Project Spotlight

XML Configuration File Editor

A Web service to edit an XML configuration file.