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Download Website Updated 21 Dec 2007 Nautilus Image Converter

Pop 35.69
Vit 1.86

Nautilus Image Converter is a Nautilus extension to mass resize and rotate images. It adds a "Resize Images..." menu item to the context menu of all images. This opens a dialog where you set the desired image size and file name. A click on "Resize" resizes the image(s) using ImageMagick's convert tool. A "Rotate Images..." menu item is also available.

Download Website Updated 08 Jul 2012 Netpbm2Gimp

Pop 42.58
Vit 4.42

Netpbm2Gimp automatically compiles the unmodified source code of a Netpbm graphics program into a GIMP plug-in. The result looks and functions like any other GIMP plug-in, although it takes much less effort to produce than a hand-coded GIMP plug-in.

Download Website Updated 30 Jun 2003 Nokia Logo Converter for Linux

Pop 42.90
Vit 1.77

The Nokia Logo Converter for Linux is a program that is capable of converting most Nokia Logo Files (*.nlm, *.nol) into Bitmap and vice-versa, allowing you this way to use any Bitmap (other graphic formats also supported) you drew or copied from somewhere as a logo for your Nokia Mobile Phone or to browse your collection of Nokia Logo files. It handles both formats of Logos (Operator and Picture SMS) and has an integrated file browser showing you every Logo or Bitmap in a directory while you scroll in the file box. It features a batch convert mode, so you can convert several files at once. It also offers standard file managing functions so you can manage your logos on your hard disk.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 Noptec Vector

Pop 11.18
Vit 1.00

Noptec Vector is an implementation of a bitmap vectorizing algorithm, specifically for creating background picture resources for the Sierra AGI interpreter. The program reads an image in BMP, PCX, or TGA format, converts it to 160 x 168 x 16 colors and writes the result in AGI readable format, optionally showing the result onscreen.

Download Website Updated 04 Jan 2002 OImage

Pop 11.36
Vit 1.00

OImage is an image render/manipulate library for FLTK2. It features scaling, alpha blending, etc.

No download Website Updated 24 Mar 2003 ObjectPlanet's PngEncoder

Pop 12.08
Vit 63.91

ObjectPlanet's PngEncoder is a fast PNG encoder. The footprint is just over 5K, and the internal object creation during runtime is kept to a minimum to avoid calls to the garbage collector. It is compatible with JDK 1.1 and later.

Download Website Updated 11 Oct 2010 OpenEXR for Python

Pop 12.37
Vit 50.48

OpenEXR for Python is a small Python module that allows reading and writing of OpenEXR format image files. OpenEXR is an image format developed by ILM that supports floating-point pixels.

Download No website Updated 20 Sep 2005 OpenPhotoPod

Pop 18.55
Vit 1.00

OpenPhotoPod is a gallery managment tool for the iPod Photo which enables you to add, edit, and view the photos on your iPod.

Download Website Updated 25 Mar 2014 OptiPNG

Pop 302.03
Vit 17.82

OptiPNG is a PNG optimizer that recompresses the image files to a smaller size without losing any data. It works in a manner similar to pngcrush, but it has a wider automatic search space (leading to possibly a better compression), and it runs faster.

Download Website Updated 09 Oct 2001 PAIP

Pop 30.98
Vit 3.38

PAIP (pipe) is a universal filter application. It uses plugins to transmit and convert data. The plugins can be nested, so the inner structures can become quite complex (non-linear). The command-line interface is similar to human language and is quite easy to use.


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A tool that displays information about BOINC projects.


Project Spotlight

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A Web service to edit an XML configuration file.