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No download Website Updated 03 Dec 2001 Java Preferences Library

Pop 11.05
Vit 67.67

Java Preferences Library is a Java library for user preferences. It extends the (jdk1.4) java.util.prefs package to add stored defaults, Javabean persistence, and a uniform implementation (XML files) across platforms. Convenience routines for quickly building preference dialog boxes and other UI components are included.

Download Website Updated 28 Aug 2013 pam_mount module

Pop 463.81
Vit 37.45

pam_mount is a Pluggable Authentication Module that can mount volumes for a user session upon login, using the same passwords as for login. It supports any filesystem your kernel is capable of, including FUSE, SMB/CIFS, various crypto types, and more.

Download Website Updated 07 Dec 2001 Panasync Tools

Pop 11.05
Vit 1.00

Panasync Tools provides a set of commands that enables version tracking among plain file copies. Retaining the basic functionality of standard copy commands, one can always track if a file has seen more updates than another file, and determine redundant or equivalent file copies. The approach is totally decentralized and serverless, and the functionality is achieved by small command-line user level programs that manipulate (by duplicating, comparing, joining and moving) any given file. By copying files with these commands users can detect if those files forgotten on disks or dispersed on different file systems and computers hold obsolete versions, and can thus be deleted, or need to be merged when depicting parallel updates. The updates, themselves can be done by any application since the system keeps a digest of the files to detect changes.

No download Website Updated 14 Apr 2004 Name::Find Perl Module

Pop 17.66
Vit 2.22

Name::Find Perl Module is a Perl module for finding names in a text string. It doesn't look for a particular name, but variations of names in the form: Honorific, GivenName1, GivenName2, Surname, Suffix (where some parts may not exist, and GivenName1 and 2 may be initials). It uses a dictionary based approach, so names not in the dictionary will not be found. There is a separate dictionary for each of the word positions in the name, so you don't have to have a list of every possible name combination.

Download Website Updated 31 Dec 2007 ORBit2

Pop 84.10
Vit 2.78

ORBit2 is a major revision to the ORBit code base, adding the foundations of threading support, a massively shrunk and genericised code base, and lots more power, completeness, and correctness.

No download Website Updated 07 Dec 2001 Open Source Software for QNX

Pop 26.89
Vit 67.64

The Open Source Software for QNX project provides ported Open Source tools/applications, including their complete sources and/or ready-to-use binaries, for QNX. The available software includes XFree86, Lesstif, DDD, VNC, Nedit, and PVM.

No download Website Updated 19 Dec 2002 php-templates

Pop 36.33
Vit 2.09

php-templates is a compiled PHP module to process template files. It is extremely fast. Among others, it supports the Macromedia Dreamweaver template syntax.

Download Website Updated 09 Jan 2002 GNU/Liberty Basic Compiler Collection

Pop 44.43
Vit 1.74

GNU/Liberty Basic Compiler Collection (GLBCC) is a suite of tools that allow Liberty Basic source code to be compiled directly to executable programs. It leverages greatly off of the GNU Compiler Collection, which allows it to run both on Windows and Linux, while also having the ability to generate both Linux and Windows executables on Linux via the Mingw cross compiler. The suite also includes a frontend program that has both a GUI and CLI to provide a simple environment to compile Liberty Basic code.

Download Website Updated 14 Jun 2003 wxBase

Pop 62.55
Vit 1.85

wxBase contains most of the non-GUI classes from the wxWindows cross-platform C++ framework. There are 2 categories: generally useful portable code (date/time handling, command line parsing, regular expression support) and wrappers for the OS objects (files, directories, sockets, threads, etc.) allowing you to write portable programs easily.

Download Website Updated 15 Jul 2007 Generic Hash Table library

Pop 122.87
Vit 4.85

The GHT (Generic Hash Table) library is a hash table implementation in C for storing arbitrary types of data. It is meant to be small, easily extensible (in terms of hash functions etc), and easy to understand codewise.


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