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No download Website Updated 29 Dec 2002 GTK+OSX

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Vit 64.72

GTK+OSX is a GTK+ native port for Macintosh OS X. This is a Carbon-based version of the popular GTK+ toolkit.

Download Website Updated 01 Jan 2003 libconfig

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Vit 64.69

libconfig is an ISO C++ port of the KDE KConfig class, a portable and flexible C++ configure file parser.

No download Website Updated 03 Jan 2003 LibUFO

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Vit 64.68

LibUFO is a C++ core library for graphical user interfaces (GUI). It is mainly used as OpenGL GUI toolkit. Most standard components (such as buttons, labels, menus, and internal frames) are included. It is customizable via look-and-feel and themes. There are three built-in video drivers (respectively using GLX/X11, WGL/Win32, and LibSDL) which are selected and loaded at run-time. You may also create your own backend or use a dummy driver to include libUFO widgets into an already existing OpenGL context.

Download Website Updated 13 Jan 2003 cgi77

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Vit 64.61

cgi77 is a small CGI library for the GNU g77 fortran compiler.

No download Website Updated 25 Feb 2003 CyGNOME

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Vit 64.27

CyGNOME is a project to port the GNOME desktop to Microsoft Windows, using Red Hat Cygwin as a porting tool and user environment.

No download Website Updated 18 Mar 2003 JOTM

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Vit 64.11

JOTM (Java Open Transaction Manager) is a fully functional standalone transaction manager that implements the XA protocol and is compliant with JTA (Java Transaction API).

No download Website Updated 21 Mar 2003 SmartPool

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Vit 64.08

SmartPool is a connection pooling component that is modeled on connection pooling features provided by application servers. It makes an attempt to solve critical issues like connection leaks, connection blocking, and open JDBC objects (such as Statements and PreparedStatements). It features support for multiple pools, automatic closing of associated JDBC objects, detection of connection leaks based on configurable timeouts, connection usage tracking, and monitoring of the run-time status of pools.

No download Website Updated 07 Jun 2003 CodeApplet

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Vit 63.47

CodeApplet is a Java-based client-server system that is meant to be used for teaching computer programming online. It may be used with any language for which an appropriate Java class is written, and adding a new interpreter requires no recompilation of the main binaries. Users connect to different coding sessions on the server. Every session has one editor at a time, elected by privileged operators or the current editor. This editor may control a shared language interpreter and edit source files while the other users watch in realtime. Some languages also support local interpreters for personal experiments.

No download Website Updated 09 Jun 2003 OpenXAdES

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Vit 63.46

OpenXAdES enables people to work with legally-binding digital signatures (primarily giving and verifying them). Legislation often defines a set of requirements that legal digital signature technologies and infrastructures must be compliant with, and OpenXAdES aims at meeting many, if not all, such requirements from different legislations.

No download Website Updated 15 Jun 2003 webtester

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Webtester is an application which is intended to be used in the testing and validation of Web-based applications. By reading an XML configuration file, the application is able to call URLs and use regular expressions to examine the results. Features include support for SSL, cookies, and variable assignment/substitution when sending and examining data.


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A Linux namespaces sandbox program.


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Easy one-step submission of projects to the Coverity demo server.