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Download Website Updated 23 Jul 2011 AllTray

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Vit 6.77

AllTray is a program you can use on UNIX and UNIX-like systems, such as GNU/Linux or FreeBSD, running the X Window System. It is used to “dock” application software into the system tray (also known as the “notification area”). AllTray aims to be standards-compliant and work with any desktop environment/window manager+system tray combination that is also standards-compliant.

No download No website Updated 31 Mar 2013 Almir

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Vit 21.08

Almir is a Bacula Web administration tool.

Download Website Updated 04 Apr 2009 Aloofix

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Vit 2.48

Aloofix is conceptually similar to the Ubuntu JeOS (Just enough OS), but much more aggressive when it comes to the term "just enough". The build environment consists of a collection of Makefiles, scripts, and configuration files capable of creating a bootable ISO image. This ISO image contains a small set of scripts and utility programs for installing Aloofix on a primary hard drive in a VM environment. The build environment provides the raw materials for creating and provisioning a set of guest instances for VirtualBox, VMWare, and Qemu.

Download Website Updated 08 Jul 2009 Aluminium Language

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Vit 2.50

Aluminium was started as an effort to find a different way of creating Web applications. It turned out as a visual data-flow based programming language.

No download Website Updated 14 Jan 2010 Amahi Linux Home Server

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Vit 9.90

The Amahi Home Server is a Linux home server based on Fedora (and later on Ubuntu). Your machine becomes a "Home Digital Assistant" (HDA) after the installation. It provides a growing set of community packaged apps like an iTunes server, UPnP server, calendar server, a wiki, shared network storage, network backups, a printer server, VPN, and a plug-in architecture built on Ruby on Rails.

No download Website Updated 19 Sep 2008 Amazon SimpleDB/dev

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Vit 1.00

SimpleDB/dev is a local instance of Amazon's SimpleDB. It runs as a server on your local machine and replicates the SimpleDB REST API as specified in Amazon's technical documentation. It implements every SimpleDB query-action and includes a large suite of tests, created from the query examples provided by Amazon.

No download Website Updated 16 Nov 2008 Ambient Music Player

Pop 24.49
Vit 1.76

Ambient Music Player is a light version of Amarok for handheld computers based on the Google Android environment.

No download Website Updated 31 Jan 2011 Amir

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Vit 35.13

Amir is an accounting application, mainly designed for Persian/Iranian users.

No download No website Updated 22 Jan 2011 Anamnesis

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Vit 35.26

Anamnesis is a clipboard history manager. It stores the clipboard history and offers an easy interface (GUI and command line) for performing full-text searches on it.

Download Website Updated 30 Oct 2008 Ananta

Pop 50.32
Vit 2.94

Ananta makes it possible for unexperienced users to create a professional high-quality Web site quickly, while keeping the codebase clean and easy to build upon for both developers and designers. Ananta produces valid XHTML 1.0 code, and uses almost no tables. Ananta aims to be as search-engine friendly as possible, without using dirty tricks that may eventually get you banned. Ananta tries to be as multifunctional as possible without making things overly complicated. The UI tries to prevent inexperienced users from causing irreversible damage.


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A fast and versatile remote desktop solution.


Project Spotlight


An inventory system and asset management system.