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Download No website Updated 17 Jun 2008 scheme-asteroid

Pop 20.27
Vit 46.82

scheme-asteroid is a real-time asteroid-like game. It has a neat object-oriented architecture, includes a real-time physics engine, and utilizes a triple-buffering display system. All graphics and artwork (e.g. background images) are generated on-the-fly using fractals and recursive procedures.

No download Website Updated 27 Jun 2008 WordSearcher

Pop 10.58
Vit 46.71

WordSearcher is a Web-based PHP program to create word searches and word lists. It also provides the ability to save created word searches for later printing, and the ability to import word lists from various sources.

Download Website Updated 27 Jun 2008 Multiple Devices Proxy

Pop 15.36
Vit 46.70

Multiple Devices Proxy is an application proxy to communicate with pipes, serial ports (RS-232/RS-485), TCP/IP, and potentially all devices in a host computer via TCP/IP sockets. It supports multicast and communication isolation. Any server may have many resources, e.g. 2 pipes, 4 RS-232, and 2 connected sockets to another server. Clients may ask for 1 to many of these resources, and all data will be multicast.

Download Website Updated 02 Jul 2008 Sonata

Pop 27.64
Vit 46.65

Sonata is a lightweight GTK+ music client for the Music Player Daemon (MPD). It aims to be efficient and has no toolbar, main menu, or status bar, and is user-friendly and clean.

Download Website Updated 05 Jul 2008 Rapache

Pop 18.08
Vit 46.62

Rapache is a simple tool for remotely managing and configuring an Apache HTTPD instance without having to hassle around through configuration files. Rapache is a GUI tool that uses the SSH protocol to manage and configure the HTTPD server and all of its modules.

Download Website Updated 29 Jul 2008 Nirvanapi

Pop 10.49
Vit 46.36

Nirvanapi is a Python client for the Nirvanix API. Nirvanix is a global cloud storage platform provider optimized for media and large files.

No download Website Updated 01 Aug 2008 PostSharp

Pop 11.40
Vit 46.33

PostSharp is a tool for .NET and Mono developers. It can reduce the number of lines of code and improve its logical decoupling. Therefore, it helps you deliver higher stability, cleaner design, and cheaper source code maintenance.

No download Website Updated 27 Aug 2008 tcl-fuse

Pop 16.55
Vit 46.06

tcl-fuse is a Tcl interface to the Linux kernel's FUSE (File-System in User-Space) subsystem. It provides a Tcl package that exports the full functionality of the underlying FUSE kernel feature to the Tcl programming language.

No download Website Updated 27 Aug 2008 tcl-gaul

Pop 9.00
Vit 46.06

tcl-gaul is a Tcl extension for genetic/evolutionary algorithm processing. It uses the GAUL library for the core functionality.

No download Website Updated 11 Apr 2009 Zivios

Pop 11.09
Vit 45.92

Zivios is a Web-based control panel for identity management, single sign-on, user, group, and computer provisioning, and remote management of services. It has an easy and extensible API that allows you to extend the core application with additional plug-ins for your in-house or third-party software.


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A minimalist news reader.


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Web-based firewall log analyzer for netfilter/ipfilter/ipfw/ipchains/cisco/snort /ulogd logs.