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Download Website Updated 27 Jun 2011 zoem

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Zoem is a general-purpose macro/programming language that submits text to a two-stage transformation process. Macro expansion and interpretation is followed by application of customizable character filtering rules. Zoem supports inside-out evaluation, comprehensive IO, control operators, iteration, dictionary stacks, multidimensional data storage, arithmetic expressions, regular expressions, system commands, and more.

Download Website Updated 13 Jun 2002 zoneadm

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Zoneadm is a CGI application to allow a DNS hosting site to delegate simple zone change privileges to remote users via a web interface. It allows a remote user the ability to make A, CNAME, PTR, and MX record changes to a zone that the DNS site administrator has given them permission to modify. It does some sanity checking on the information entered by the user, but it may not be foolproof and assumes some knowledge of DNS resource records by the users.

Download Website Updated 13 Apr 2004 zongle

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Vit 1.44

zongle compares the schemas of two PostgreSQL databases and creates a script containing the SQL statements necessary to migrate the structure of the second database to the state of the first.

Download Website Updated 22 Oct 2007 zprommer

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zprommer is a program for driving the simple, affordable E(E)PROM programmer from www.batronix.com. It works under Linux/i386 and is designed to be easily extensible for new chip types.

Download Website Updated 08 Oct 2006 zr364xx for Linux

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Vit 3.07

This project provides Linux support for the Aiptek PocketDV 3300 in webcam mode. It may work for other JPEG/USB cams based on the Coach chips from Zoran.

Download Website Updated 04 Jul 2009 zsh debugger

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This package contains a debugger for zsh (release 4.3.6-dev-2 or better) and some GNU Emacs support files for this debugger.

Download Website Updated 12 Oct 2001 zssh

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Vit 2.10

zssh (Zmodem SSH) is a program for interactively transferring files to a remote machine while using the secure shell (ssh). It is intended to be a convenient alternative to scp, allowing to transfer files without having to open another session and re-authenticate oneself. zssh is an interactive wrapper for ssh used to switch the ssh connection between the remote shell and file transfers. Files are transferred through the zmodem protocol, using the rz and sz commands.

Download Website Updated 07 Jun 2013 zufall

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zufall is a simple program to change the background periodically. It takes one or more directories with images as a parameter (no GUI) and sets a randomly chosen image as background. If there is a border remaining, its color is the average color of two corners of the image. This mostly fits the image very well. It doesn't work if the root window is hidden by another program, like in Gnome or KDE. However, it is possible to execute a configurable command to effect the change whenever the image is supposed to change. A script to do this in Gnome is included.

Download Website Updated 30 Apr 2006 µsli

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µsli is a register machine which can be used for learning the basic concepts of register machines. It uses Sexp program files as input and features a stack, simple arithmetics, and conditional jumps. The register machine comes with a lean Swing GUI that supports editing the program, stepping through and monitoring the registers, and the stack. It aims to be a lightweight, but usable and extendable, learning environment for students and adults that want learn about register machines and register based virtual machines.

Download Website Updated 20 Jan 2005 Élmer Bot

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Élmer Bot is a cybernetic agent entirely written in PHP. Its main functions are to remind you of things, display the temperature, show presence on Web sites, and more. It works on the Jabber network, which means it reaches users from the MSN/ICQ/etc. networks as well.


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A bunch of programs for benchmarking server platforms from a central location.


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A cross-platform user library to access USB devices.