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Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 yacdbak

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Vit 1.00

yacdbak is intended to facilitate backups to multiple CD-recordables or CD-rewritables on Linux systems. It uses GNU tar and Jörg Schilling´s cdrecord by providing some bash scripts for different levels of backup.

No download Website Updated 08 May 2005 yaced

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Vit 2.85

yaced (Yet Another Carbon Emacs Distribution) provides Apple Installer packages of Carbon Emacs and AUCTeX.

Download Website Updated 30 Oct 2007 yacpi

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Vit 4.30

yacpi is yet another configuration and power interface. It shows acpi information (battery status, etc.) from your proc filesystem in an ncurses interface.

Download No website Updated 24 Dec 2006 yadia2sql

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Vit 2.49

yadia2sql is a tool that generates SQL CREATE TABLE statements from Dia XML files. Its goal is to provide a lot of freedom to customize the generated SQL code.

Download Website Updated 06 Oct 2005 yafc

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Vit 6.30

Yafc is yet another FTP client which features a directory cache, remote filename completion, aliases, colorized ls, recursive get/put/ls/rm, nohup mode transfers, tagging (queueing), multiple connections, proxy support, and more. It has also support for Kerberos authentication and SSH2 (sftp).

Download Website Updated 24 Apr 2002 yafig

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Vit 1.42

Yafig is a LAMP-based firewall rule generator that creates shell scripts for use with Linux netfilter/iptables. The user interface is similar to the FireWall-1 policy editor. Its main features are Web-based host, network, and service management. support for multiple policies with individual password protection, shared objects for multiple policies, support for chains (default and custom), and architecture independence.

Download Website Updated 02 Apr 2007 yagg

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Vit 2.30

yagg, given YACC-like and LEX-like input files, generates a C++ program that generates all strings of a user-specified length. This program can then be used to generate inputs for testing, or to validate that a grammar accepts the strings that you think it does. The grammar file provides the grammar productions for string generation, along with optional action blocks that can perform context-sensitive checks in order to limit the generated strings. The LEX-like terminal generator file provides specifications that instruct the program how to generate strings for terminals in the grammar.

No download Website Updated 18 Oct 2005 yakko project

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Vit 56.25

The Yakko project is a home automation system. It defines a new protocol implemented as firmware running in AVR atmega microprocessors. The goal is to build a method to make logical connections between hardware devices such as lamps, switchers, probes, and so on.

No download Website Updated 07 Jul 2004 yakuns

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Vit 1.00

Yakuns is a simple DNS server that can work as a primary or secondary nameserver, or as a DNS cache for a small LAN with Internet access. The software was used in the past mainly in order to create embedded systems. It includes security features like chroot and root dropping.

Download Website Updated 26 Apr 2005 yappa-ng

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Vit 4.46

yappa-ng is an easy to use online PHP photo gallery. It has a comfortable and elaborate album-oriented photo album administration Web interface. Each picture can be viewed in many different sizes with resizing created automatically on the fly. It has complete user selectable language support, and supports password protected albums, hit counters for albums and images, album info, image captions, gallery overview, different themes, and a 'Top 10 images' ranking system for each photo album.


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A bunch of programs for benchmarking server platforms from a central location.


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A cross-platform user library to access USB devices.