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Download No website Updated 10 May 2000 xtetris

Pop 12.57
Vit 71.77

XTetris is the oldest implementation of Tetris for X11.

Download Website Updated 21 Jan 2002 xword

Pop 26.50
Vit 1.73

xword is a crossword puzzle application that allows users to open and solve AcrossLite puzzle format files (such as The New York Times and The Washington Post).

No download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 xws

Pop 10.20
Vit 1.00

Xws is a text mode multi-player crossword and chat server. It presents the same puzzle to everyone, allowing people the option to try and/or discuss solutions. Play may be friendly collaboration or fierce competition, depending on the players' dispositions. Xws supports hundreds of puzzles in the popular Across Lite file format. Copyright issues prevent the distribution from including any puzzles, but several archives and resources are listed in the README.

Download No website Updated 06 May 2014 yawl

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Vit 3.49

This is a comprehensive "word game" word list for UNIX/Linux. It is a superset of the author's ENABLE list, the "OSW", and various lists researched by the author's colleague, Alan Beale. At 264,093 words, it is the largest list of its kind, suitable for use in all manners of crossword-type board games and word construction games, as well as for a spell checker dictionary. The YAWL package now includes two anagramming utilities (supplied as source code, handled by the included Makefile). There is also a shell script that extends the UNIX "strings" system command. This is the word list package recommended for the author's Quackey word game.

Download Website Updated 30 Mar 2002 yesClock

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Vit 2.00

yesClock is an application based on the YES watch. The Yes watch uses a novel approach to displaying time, showing where in the day you are rather than just the time. The Yes watch approach, used by this companion yesClock software application for your desktop, is a way of measuring time that is more intuitive and natural than any other.

Download Website Updated 17 Oct 2002 ymusk

Pop 24.82
Vit 3.06

ymusk stands for Yenzie's Mush Klient. It is a mush client written in Perl, and it is built around the Net::Telnet and Tk modules. It is meant to be a simple program which is easily customizable. Its features include logging, macro definition, speech filters, command history, and ANSI colors.

Download Website Updated 15 Jun 2005 yukiawa

Pop 13.86
Vit 1.00

yukiawa is a puzzle game where you connect bubbles of the same color to clear them away from the level. It features a series of levels and random puzzles for single play. Multiplayer gaming is also possible.

No download Website Updated 09 Nov 2010 yuxtapa

Pop 14.21
Vit 36.27

yuxtapa is a multiplayer real-time CLI game. It looks like a roguelike, but feels like a multiplayer 1st-person shooter with a focus on team play. The idea is to take the "feel" of such team based multiplayer games as Enemy Territory into an NCurses-based game with roguelike controls. Like roguelikes, yuxtapa is lightweight but surprisingly rich under the crude surface. It features several classes from which to choose, each with a different special ability, randomly generated maps which can also be saved and reloaded, and multiple game modes or objectives.

Download Website Updated 28 Aug 2003 zblast

Pop 17.92
Vit 1.58

zblast is a simple but fairly manic shoot-em-up game. There are versions for both svgalib and X.

Download Website Updated 25 Feb 2007 zeRace

Pop 26.61
Vit 2.58

The purpose of this little car game is very simple: do the best time on each track. zeRace uses the SDL library.


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A utility that finds (and optionally removes) unneeded #includes from C and C++ source files.


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