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No download Website Updated 02 Mar 2007 Pure FTP Manager

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Pure FTP Manager allows a user to access multiple FTP chrooted sites with a single username and password. It uses pure-ftpd and PostgreSQL for FTP and authentication. A site is chosen by adding @sitename to the user's login.

No download Website Updated 31 Mar 2007 Mini FTP Daemon

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Mini FTP Daemon is an FTP server that runs on a PalmOS device. You can use it together with a FTP client on your desktop computer in order to transfer files to and from your device. Under some circumstances, this might be better for you than other methods.

Download Website Updated 13 Apr 2007 GetFast

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Vit 1.42

GetFast is a file download accelerator. It is multi-threaded and allows the downloading of Web pages and their sub-links.

No download Website Updated 18 Apr 2007 ColoradoFTP

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ColoradoFTP is an FTP server that is fast, reliable, and extendable. It is fully compatible with RFC 959 (File Transfer Protocol), and its plug-in system makes it easy to extend the functionality with virtually any feature. The goal of this project was to create an FTP server that features the possibility to include tasks specific to a particular business.

No download Website Updated 24 May 2007 kuftp

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Vit 1.00

KuFtp is a graphical FTP client for the K Desktop Environment. It implements many features required for usable FTP interaction. One of the most notable features is the use of tabs to represent sessions. This is like the feature in Konqueror or Firefox which allows you to have multiple simultaneous FTP sessions in separate tabs. Other features include a bookmark manager, history recording, and a queue manager.

Download Website Updated 26 Aug 2011 edtFTPnet/Free

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edtFTPnet/Free is a .NET FTP library written in C#. Widely used around the world, it is robust and proven, with a rich API. It includes extensive event monitoring, transfer resumption, and much more. It has been tested and is compatible with Mono 1.2.x.

No download Website Updated 24 Oct 2007 uniFTP

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uniFTP is a cross-platform FTP scripting language and command shell. It allows users to interactively use FTP commands and to run FTP scripts on any platform that supports Java. It supports FTP, secure FTP over SSL (FTPS), and secure FTP over SSH (SFTP). uniFTP is ideal for running unattended batch jobs, and the command shell makes developing scripts very easy.

No download Website Updated 23 Nov 2009 Integral FTP

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Integral FTP is a JavaScript FTP library that supports secure FTP (FTPS and SFTP). It is easily integrated into Web pages, and it requires no server-side scripting. A sample HTML/JavaScript FTP client application is included. It supports active and passive mode transfers and resuming of interrupted uploads. Simultaneous transfers are also supported. A Java Runtime Environment is required.

No download Website Updated 25 Feb 2011 edtFTPnet/Compact

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Vit 4.11

edtFTPnet/Compact is an FTP library for the .NET Compact Framework. It will run on all mobile devices that support the CF, including PocketPC and Windows CE. It includes support for active and passive transfer modes, SOCKS and HTTP proxies, extensive event monitoring, directory transfers, and transfer resumption. HTTP downloads are also supported.

No download Website Updated 14 Jul 2007 curl-loader

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curl-loader is a powerful tool for testing and generating load for Web applications. It uses HTTP, FTP, and TLS/SSL stacks. The loader simulates tens and hundreds of thousands of users or clients, each optionally with its own IP address. The goal is to provide an alternative to the Spirent Avalanche and Ixia IxLoad Web application testing solutions.


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A command-line network analysis workbench.


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An open source Java library for DDMS.