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No download Website Updated 17 Apr 2000 WebExplorer

Pop 7.14
Vit 71.94

WebExplorer is a browser-based file editor/manager inspired by Gossamer Thread's "File Manager". It lets you edit, browse, chmod, view, move, rename, copy, and create files/directories in any forms/tables-capable browser.

No download Website Updated 27 Nov 2001 NIST Web Metrics Testbed

Pop 31.70
Vit 1.13

The objective of the NIST Web Metrics Testbed is to explore the feasibility of a range of tools and techniques that support rapid, remote, and automated testing and evaluation of website usability. There are currently six components: 1. Web Static Analyzer Tool (WebSAT): checks web page HTML against typical usability guidelines. 2. Web Category Analysis Tool (WebCAT): lets the usability engineer construct and conduct a web category analysis (card-sorting). 3. Web Variable Instrumenter Program (WebVIP): instruments a website to capture a log of user interaction. 4. Framework for Logging Usability Data (FLUD): a file format and parser for representation of user interaction logs (such as those captured by WebVIP). 5. VisVIP Tool: produces a 3D visualization of user navigation paths through a website, based on FLUD data. 6. TreeDec: adds navigation aids to the pages of a website.

Download Website Updated 26 Nov 2001 wmbatppc

Pop 10.54
Vit 1.03

wmbatppc is a small battery-monitoring dockapp for Window Maker or Afterstep. It works on G3/G4 Powerbooks and iBooks. It relies directly on pmud (via local port 879), and can be used as a dock app in Window Maker or as a swallowed app in a Gnome panel.

Download Website Updated 12 Jan 2001 Wuzzle Jukebox

Pop 11.14
Vit 70.03

The wuzzle jukebox is a set of perl scripts which interface with a database of MP3s to provide a web based MP3 browser. People can select specific songs or albums they want to hear and add them to a playlist. The playlist format is compatible with winamp, windows media player, and XMMS. Security is provided by a combination of server directory/file security, and a login page.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 www_proxy

Pop 19.80
Vit 1.42

www_proxy is a non-caching HTTP proxy with capability of modifying the User-Agent field. It has customizable content filterig capablity and unlike most proxy servers, it logs the contents of the body of a POST request, not just the header. This tool is handy for debugging CGI scripts, search engine submission programs, bypassing problematic routes and firewalls, and for getting rid of junk HTML content.

Download Website Updated 20 Oct 2000 xevact

Pop 8.94
Vit 70.62

xevact (X Event Action) associates actions with X events. It can be used to play sounds on certain keypresses, mouse movements, exposures, colormaps, etc., or to log keystrokes or run commands by hotkeys.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 XFrisk

Pop 31.19
Vit 1.49

Frisk is a networked version of the Parker Brothers' classic game of strategy. It is a faithful reproduction, and includes some computer players, an API for creating computer players, and a chat facility for talking to other players. Its design is client-server, using TCP/IP sockets for communication, and the source is mostly well organized and commented. It was tested on Linux and *BSD, but should work on most *nixes with X installed.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 xmemo

Pop 10.44
Vit 1.43

xmemo is an X Window desktop memo program. A memo can be sent to other machines running xmemo, IPMsg or Oboegaki.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 xml2

Pop 50.56
Vit 1.00

These are tools for converting XML and HTML to and from a line-oriented format designed to facilitate processing by classic Unix pipeline processing tools (grep, sed, awk, cut, sh, etc).

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 xtail

Pop 47.37
Vit 1.00

xtail is sort of a tail -f for many files. It's a great way to monitor log files.


Project Spotlight


A Java Swing application to test RESTful Web services.


Project Spotlight


A structured debug message system.