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No download Website Updated 19 Jul 2006 BlockSSHD

Pop 32.86
Vit 1.76

BlockSSHD protects computers from SSH brute force attacks by dynamically blocking IP addresses by adding iptables rules.

No download Website Updated 03 Nov 2006 BrazilFW

Pop 38.07
Vit 2.12

Brazilfw is a mini-distribution designed for setting up network utility services such as Internet connection sharing, firewalling, or wireless access points. The goal is to make it as quick and easy as possible to set up a Linux system with only a minimal amount of Linux knowledge. The main goal of BrazilFW is to continue the development of what was the Coyote Linux floppy firewall system.

No download Website Updated 24 Jan 2004 Brcontrol

Pop 17.55
Vit 1.42

Brcontrol is a set of patches to allow some interaction between an IDS and a firewall. Currently, snort is supported as an IDS, and the netfilter facility of Linux is supported as a firewall. Brcontrol can help in the creation of aggresive honeypots or other advanced firewall and IDS configurations. It can also work as a bridge.

Download Website Updated 05 Apr 2014 CGIProxy

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Vit 66.45

CGIProxy is a Perl CGI script that acts as an Internet proxy. Through it, you can retrieve resources that may be inaccessible from your own machine. The user is kept as anonymous as possible from any servers. HTTP and FTP are supported, and optionally SSL. Common uses include censorship circumvention, VPN-like setups, anonymous proxies, personal proxies, and others. Options include text-only browsing (to save bandwidth), selective cookie and script removal, simple ad filtering, access restriction by server, encoded target URLs and cookies, configuration by end user, and much more (currently over 70 config options). Javascript and Flash are fully supported. Messages are in 12 languages so far. Can be installed as a CGI script, a mod_perl script, a FastCGI script, or with its own embedded secure HTTP server. An online demo is available.

No download Website Updated 18 Oct 2004 CHOWNAT

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Vit 1.00

chownat allows two peers behind two separate NATs and firewalls to establish a direct connection with each other. No port forwarding, DMZ, third party, proxy, spoofing, elevated user privileges, or DNS tricks are required. More importantly, it opens up a tunnel between the two machines so one peer can access a service, such as SSH or a Web server, on the other machine which is also behind a NAT.

Download Website Updated 04 Aug 2004 CIPE

Pop 200.89
Vit 3.09

CIPE (Crypto IP Encapsulation) is an ongoing project to build encrypting IP routers. The protocol used is as lightweight as possible. It is designed for passing encrypted packets between prearranged routers in the form of UDP packets. This is not as flexible as IPSEC but it is enough for the original intended purpose: securely connecting subnets over an insecure transit network.

Download Website Updated 02 Nov 2005 CTShaper

Pop 24.29
Vit 1.75

If you ever noticed how your SSH/gaming sessions become sluggish when you start downloading something, or how your downloads slow down when you start uploading, and your broadband link is managed by a Linux router/gateway, then you could benefit from using CTShaper. CTShaper reduces link latency by reducing queueing on your side and on your ISP's side. Additionally, it sets up four traffic queues with different priorities and (configurable) flow rates.

No download Website Updated 18 Mar 2009 Campagnol VPN

Pop 37.08
Vit 1.78

Campagnol is a distributed IP-based VPN program able to open new connections through NATs or firewalls without any configuration. It uses UDP for the transport layer, and utilizes tunneling and encryption (with DTLS) and the UDP hole punching NAT traversal technique. The established connections are P2P.

Download Website Updated 10 May 2006 Captivator-Gw

Pop 14.97
Vit 1.00

Captivator-Gw is a "Captive Portal" or "Walled Garden" for Linux. It works inline at Layer 2 in the network. It supports VLANs and trunk interfaces. It uses simple template-based Web pages, and is easily customizable.

No download Website Updated 25 Jun 2005 Cars

Pop 27.71
Vit 1.00

Cars is a command-line tool for authenticating against the embedded Checkpoint Firewall-1 HTTP/HTTPS engine.


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