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No download Website Updated 13 Jun 2003 Paragon NTFS for Linux

Pop 26.61
Vit 63.27

The Paragon NTFS for Linux driver provides read and write access to NTFS volumes for all kinds of files including system files.

Download Website Updated 04 Sep 2003 NFS Commander

Pop 13.53
Vit 2.02

NFS Commander is a Mac OS X tool for managing NFS mounts and exports.

Download Website Updated 07 Oct 2005 Dupseek

Pop 68.03
Vit 2.26

Dupseek finds and interactively removes duplicate files. It aims at maximum efficiency by keeping file reads to a minimum and is much better than other similar programs when dealing with groups of large files of the same size.

Download Website Updated 27 Feb 2004 Submount

Pop 62.61
Vit 2.54

The submount removable media handling system automatically mounts and unmounts removable media devices such as CDROMs, DVDs, and floppy drives. It is a two part system, with a small kernel module and a userspace program. It provides the same functionality as supermount, but (hopefully) avoids supermount's stability problems.

Download Website Updated 20 May 2003 AthFS

Pop 32.68
Vit 1.00

AthFS is a Linux kernel module for supporting AFS, the filesystem used by AtheOS and the Syllable operating system.

Download Website Updated 20 May 2003 PartGUI

Pop 34.47
Vit 1.00

PartGUI is a Qt graphical user interface for partition tools such as Parted. It aims to provide a Linux clone for PartitionMagic.

Download Website Updated 19 May 2003 F-Watch

Pop 31.86
Vit 1.00

F-Watch is a kernel module that reports changes on files to /dev/fwatch. It hooks into the sys_calls and does not require a kernel patch. To activate watching for certain events, users need to run ioctl to register the wanted events; examples are in the src dir. Ioctl can be used during runtime to individually change the required events.

Download Website Updated 30 Sep 2004 Yed

Pop 37.64
Vit 2.83

Yed is a C software library made of modules (objects) that can be instantiated according to the main paradigms of Object Oriented Programming: encapsulation and data hiding. The library contains objects that handle XML files and buffers, FTP connections, filesystem operations, and more.

No download Website Updated 17 Nov 2005 RFC

Pop 68.21
Vit 4.26

RFC (Remote Filesystem Checker) is a set of scripts that aims to help system administrators run a filesystem checker (like tripwire, aide, etc.) from a "master-node" to several "slave-nodes" using ssh, scp, sudo, and few other common shell commands.

Download Website Updated 23 Apr 2010 dbtoy

Pop 81.26
Vit 3.25

DBToy is a FUSE-based filesystem for Linux that lets you browse the contents of a relational database through a set of directories and XML files. Additional formats can be obtained through XSL stylesheets.


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A WebDAV framework for PHP.


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A simple annotation-driven command line parser toolkit for Java 5 applications.