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Download Website Updated 29 Nov 2004 market@molimo.de

Pop 18.22
Vit 1.00

market@molimo.de is a wiki-based product catalogue and market place. This means you can add or change product descriptions, make comments on products, add points-of-sale for these products, contact other market participants, and much more. Unlike other known market places, this one is built using a wiki. In a wiki, everyone may change everything. A new wiki software has been programmed to fit the special needs of the structure of products.

No download Website Updated 30 Aug 2005 Arsenal

Pop 76.99
Vit 2.55

Arsenal is a realtime collaboration (RTC) and conferencing platform. It supports presence, instant messaging, filesharing, voice conferencing, persistent sessions for sharing whiteboard, web browser, images, and group chat.

Download Website Updated 14 Mar 2006 amyedit

Pop 33.76
Vit 3.57

AmyEdit is a LaTeX editor. It currently features tabbed editing, word-count, spell check, syntax highlighting, undo/redo, built in integration with the LaTeX command and viewer of your choice, and customisable document templates.

No download Website Updated 01 Dec 2010 WeBWorK

Pop 10.34
Vit 59.04

WeBWorK is a Web-based method for delivering individualized homework problems. It gives students instant feedback and allows instructors to track their progress in real time. Problems are written in a flexible and easy-to-use language.

No download Website Updated 01 Dec 2004 XLiveCD

Pop 42.50
Vit 1.00

XLiveCD allows Windows users to run an X server and to forward X11 graphics using ssh without installing any software to hard disk. It is a Cygwin environment that is runnable from CD-ROM, including the X.org X server, openssh, DOS/Unix file conversion utilities, and text editors. XLiveCD has been given the feel of an application by a wizard that launches the X server when the CD is inserted in a drive. This provides an xterm and a desktop icon for launching more xterms. The wizard cleans up when the X server exits.

Download No website Updated 07 Mar 2005 RedPOS

Pop 49.80
Vit 1.76

RedPOS is a simple and rock solid point of sale (POS) application. The POS is based on the JBoss MicroKernel, has a flexible graphical interface, and can easily be connected to different backoffice/ERP systems. Its functionality can be extended during runtime.

Download Website Updated 02 Dec 2004 FlashMyAdmin

Pop 32.02
Vit 59.03

FlashMyAdmin is a Flash-based MySQL administration project. It features multiple database management, import/export (SQL, XML, CSV), internationalization, and help. It also allows video, audio, images, and movieclip files to be shown directly within the interface.

Download Website Updated 10 May 2006 brainwash

Pop 14.07
Vit 1.88

brainwash is an optimizing interpreter for the Brainfuck programming language.

Download Website Updated 20 Apr 2008 Bist

Pop 35.07
Vit 4.49

Bist stands for "bidimensional structures" and is a chemical drawing tool. It is focused on organic chemistry, but it may be useful for chemists or teachers as well. Bist support many of the formalisms used to describe molecular structures like single bond, double bond, stereospecific bond, charges, resonance arrows, lone pairs, and so on. It can export both PostScript and PNG formats.

Download Website Updated 04 Jul 2010 LCD-Linux

Pop 87.94
Vit 6.95

LCD-Linux is a Linux software abstraction layer to drive LCD alphanumeric displays. It features complete VT102 console emulation and aims to be as general and flexible as possible. It consists of two kernel modules, lcd-linux and the display driver. Currently, only the Hitachi HD44780 is supported, but drivers for other LCD controllers can be easily written.


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check raid

A simple RAID checker.


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An enterprise-class distributed monitoring solution.