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Download Website Updated 08 Jul 2009 RbUtils

Pop 12.41
Vit 1.05

RbUtils is a development tool which provides utilities for Java ResourceBundles. RbChecker checks if a properties file has a corresponding ResourceBundle that can be loaded from the classpath. RbContentLister displays the content of a ResourceBundle. RbGenerator generates Java ResourceBundle source file by processing properties file.

Download Website Updated 04 Apr 2014 BaseX

Pop 410.60
Vit 27.04

BaseX is a light-weight, high-performance, and scalable XML database system and XPath/XQuery processor, including full support for the W3C Update and Full Text extensions. An interactive and user-friendly GUI frontend gives you great insight into large XML data instances. It is platform independent and works out of the box.

Download Website Updated 13 Jan 2009 TDTxE

Pop 19.29
Vit 1.74

TDTxE (Tagged Document Tansformer Engine) transforms the markup of a text, based on customizable tables, such as tags from HTML 3.2 to HTML+CSS (or vice versa).

Download Website Updated 16 May 2009 Flush

Pop 28.46
Vit 1.79

Flush is a GTK+ BitTorrent client. It allows you to run many instances with different configurations for the same user, to create your own torrent files, and to set a custom download path for each file of the torrent. It also allows you to control a running instance from a command line interface: start/stop torrents, change download/upload rate limits, and change the maximum connections limit. Finished downloads can be automatically copied to a specified directory, and old torrents can be automatically removed.

No download Website Updated 23 May 2012 PigaVision

Pop 28.71
Vit 1.01

PigaVision is a software utility for using the television out ports of video cards. It functions as a front-end interface for the XRandR and Xvattr applications. In this way, PigaVision allows you to use your TV-out with one central application.

Download Website Updated 02 Jan 2009 PSY PONG 3D

Pop 19.75
Vit 1.00

PSY PONG 3D is a three dimensional Pong clone written in C and using OpenGL/GLUT. It runs on GNU/Linux, but the code should be portable enough to run on other platforms.

Download Website Updated 25 Aug 2009 ThinkUI Data Generator

Pop 15.94
Vit 1.84

The ThinkUI Data Generator is an Ant-based tool that allows testers and Java developers to quickly generate custom data for testing purposes. The data generated can be customized by providing the appropriate statistics and by developing custom generators or data writers.

Download Website Updated 06 Jan 2009 Net-C

Pop 18.73
Vit 1.00

Net-C is a cross-platform LAN chat system for LANs. It supports, smilies, private messaging, user status, group chats, and more.

Download Website Updated 31 Jan 2014 check_rbl

Pop 124.06
Vit 10.77

check_rbl is a Nagios plugin to check if an SMTP server is blacklisted.

Download Website Updated 24 Apr 2014 prodatum

Pop 115.27
Vit 19.11

prodatum is a patch editor for the E-MU Proteus 2000 sample-based synthesizer family.


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check raid

A simple RAID checker.


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An enterprise-class distributed monitoring solution.