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Download Website Updated 06 Oct 2008 GoogleMail Sentinel

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Vit 1.48

GoogleMail Sentinel is a mail notifier for Google Mail (Gmail). It creates an icon in your system tray and features popup alerts when new mail arrives to your GoogleMail (Gmail) account.

No download Website Updated 15 Mar 2008 GNUstepWeb

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GNUstepWeb is a development framework for Web applications written in Objective-C which is designed to be source-code compatible with WebObjects 4.5. WebObjects was originally developed by NeXT Inc., and its newer versions have been released by Apple and are Java-based.

Download Website Updated 16 Mar 2008 Green Dome GNUstepWeb for Mac OS X

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Vit 1.00

Green Dome GNUstepWeb for Mac OS X provides a WebObjects 4.5-like environment for Mac OS X (with some support for WO5 additions). It is composed of modified versions of the standard GNUstepBaseAdditions, GDL2, and GNUstepWeb frameworks, built to run on top of Apple's Cocoa frameworks. The GNUstep frameworks have been built with Xcode as true Mac OS X frameworks. Thus, they may be used as any other framework under Mac OS X. Note that this is a standalone package that does not require or interoperate with a separate GNUstep installation/environment. It is not intended to provide a complete GNUstep environment, such as would be expected of a full GNUstep installation.

Download Website Updated 24 Aug 2009 Deimos Project

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Vit 1.61

The Deimos Project is a computer statistics/monitoring tool allowing you to gather information and statistics about your computers, including network information and bandwidth, uptime information, keyboard and mouse usage, and hardware information.

Download Website Updated 15 Dec 2008 ConfigLib

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Vit 2.38

ConfigLib is a C++ library for reading and writing standard Unix and Windows .INI configuration files as easily as declaring a variable. It provides all the objects necessary to read any setting from a configuration file and write out changes while preserving comments. Using templates, any serializable object or primitive can be read from a configuration file and parsed automatically via the command line. It also includes common objects for handling settings beyond those of the C primitives.

Download Website Updated 18 Mar 2008 Art Flash Gallery

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Vit 1.00

Art Flash Gallery is an SWF object for Adobe Flash CS3 that displays image galleries. It will help you easily post any images on your site in a matter of minutes. The gallery will organically blend with any design thanks to multiple appearance settings. Parameters are configured via XML. There are advanced appearance configuration possibilities, multiple image transition effects, and a convenient thumbnail bar.

Download Website Updated 19 Apr 2009 Spindown

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Vit 3.11

Spindown is a daemon to spin down idle disks and thus save energy and give the disks a longer lifetime. It also works with USB disks and hot-swappable disks because it uses the device ID to identify the disk instead of the device name (such as hda or sdb). This means that it doesn't matter if the disk is swapped while the daemon is running.

No download Website Updated 24 Mar 2008 sif

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Vit 1.00

sif (Simple Image Folder) is a single-file script that can be used to generate a thumbnailed preview page for a folder full of pictures on the Web. sif is deployed simply by placing its file in a Web-accessible folder containing pictures.

No download Website Updated 25 Nov 2008 Salvation Focus

Pop 9.64
Vit 1.50

Salvation Focus is an application that encourages a group of people to pray for others they know who do not know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. Salvation Focus is a small Flash application that can be included on pretty much any Web site. There is also an administrative interface for adding people to pray for, the people that asked for prayer, and some contact info.

No download Website Updated 31 Aug 2010 Piwik

Pop 135.00
Vit 2.56

piwik is a Web analytics software. It gives interesting reports on your Web site visitors, your popular pages, the search engine keywords they used, the languages they speak, and much more. It aims to be an alternative to Google Analytics.


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check raid

A simple RAID checker.


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An enterprise-class distributed monitoring solution.