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No download Website Updated 09 Mar 2014 Intel Software Development Emulator

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The Intel Software Development Emulator is a functional emulator for new and upcoming instruction set extensions. The emulator is based on the Pin dynamic binary instrumentation system (and XED). It emulates the new instructions in the SSE4, AES, PCLMULQDQ, and RTM, BMI1, and BMI2 Intel AVX, AVX2, and AVX512 instruction set extensions. This allows developers to gain familiarity with Intel's upcoming instruction set extensions.

Download Website Updated 16 Sep 2010 J80

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J80 is a Z80 emulator with a standard BIOS for a complete Microcomputer with working CP/M 2.2, CP/M 3.0, and one simple ZX Spectrum 48/128K emulator. The spectrum 128K version emulation is incomplete but working. The goal of this emulator is that the 'hardware' is built on-the-fly, reading the configuration from one file. This makes it very easy to add new peripherals or features.

No download Website Updated 14 Jan 2014 JBit

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JBit makes it possible for you to learn and practice 6502 programming on feature phones, PCs, and browsers. With JBit / J2ME, you can edit, save, run, and debug 6502 assembly programs directly on your feature phone. With JBit / Native, you can develop 6502 applications in assembly or C (using cc65) and run them on your PC or install them on any MIDP-enabled device. When developing for PCs running Linux (and other Unix-like systems like BSD), you can use a device (xv65) that provides the familiar Unix system calls (write, pipe, dup, fork, exec, etc.) to your programs. With JBit / JavaScript, you can learn the basics of 6502 assembly programming on modern browsers, including IE8+.

No download No website Updated 10 Dec 2012 JMCE

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JMCE a multiple computer emulator, a simulator for 8-bit microprocessors (Intel 8080, Zilog Z80, Intel 8051, etc.) and for many of the computers based over them, such as ZX Spectrum, Altair 8800, and Z80Pack, running their original ROM and operating system. All JMCE computers can be configured programmatically or using XML. For example, it is possible connect the console of a simulated IMSAI 8080 to one TCP server or to one physical serial interface without writing even one line of code. It is also possible to change the memory for the Z80Pack computer from plain to banked memory only by editing a single XML file.

No download Website Updated 10 Nov 2006 JaC64

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JaC64 is a Java-based Commodore 64 emulator. It currently can run a large number of C64 games and emulates the CPU (6510), VIC-II (line-based), SID (including filters, combined waveforms, and bugs), and CIA. It is easy to add to any Web page using Java/Javascript.

Download Website Updated 22 Mar 2007 JavaGear

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JavaGear is a Sega Master System and Game Gear emulator. JavaGear runs as either a Java applet, embedded in a Web page, or as a stand-alone application.

Download Website Updated 06 Nov 2005 Jockey

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Jockey is a user-space library for recording and replaying an execution of generic x86 GNU/Linux programs. It is a debugging aid, especially for long-running networked programs that exhibit non-deterministic behavior that's usually difficult to reproduce.

Download Website Updated 25 Oct 2012 Joyce and Anne

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Joyce and Anne emulate the Amstrad PCW series of computers. Joyce emulates the 8000, 9000, and 10 series; Anne emulates the PcW16.

Download Website Updated 27 Mar 2004 Jzip

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Jzip is an interpreter for the Infocom z-code-format adventure games that allows you to play the old classics like Zork and HHGTTG on the console of your Linux box.

Download Website Updated 07 Dec 2004 KEGS

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KEGS is an actively-developed Apple IIgs emulator, originally written for HP workstations, improved and customized for Linux. It runs under X at any display depth, and supports changable memory sizes, joysticks, and sound. KEGS boots all Apple II OS variants, and supports all of the graphics modes of the Apple IIgs. It requires a copy of the Apple II system ROMs. Kegs has been adapted to work under Mac OS X, Windows, and the SDL library.


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GNU Parallel

Software to build and execute shell command lines from standard input in parallel.


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Lilblue Linux

An XFCE4 desktop system built on uClibc.