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No download Website Updated 01 Apr 2008 AROUNDMe identity server

Pop 40.63
Vit 1.76

AROUNDMe identity server is the perfect solution for anyone wishing to create OpenID-based identities and offer websites for multiple people on the Web. OpenID allows you to connect to many Web sites without needing to fill in registration forms or remember multiple user name and password combinations. AROUNDMe identity server allows you to provide OpenID accounts for your family, community, or work place. Each OpenID account acts as a consumer meaning that people can connect to them, thus forming a decentralized social network. Each account holder gets their own multiple page website with plugins such as a blog and a guestbook. It is fully customizable using XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.

No download Website Updated 21 Jan 2006 ARSCIF

Pop 64.62
Vit 2.49

ARSCIF is a powerful framework that makes it trivial to use asynchronous remote-script callback invocation (AJAX) techniques. It helps the developer by working out problems such as data and character encoding, concurrency control, browser implementations, and so on, allowing the creation of pages with sophisticated, dynamic features.

Download Website Updated 07 May 2002 ASAPlate

Pop 26.23
Vit 1.76

ASAPlate separates PHP source code from templates. The library is based on FastTemplate, but the project has a different philosophy. It is easy to learn and use. There's no need to especify in the source code which templates will be found in the template files. Template files can be edited with any WYSIWYG editor, can be dynamic, and are recursively parsed.

Download Website Updated 11 Jul 2006 ASCIIweb

Pop 54.42
Vit 1.91

ASCIIweb is a text-to-HTML formatting system that uses the 'pre' tag to create ASCII art Web pages, either on the fly or for static retrieval. It has a simple and flexible module system that also allows you to integrate shell scripts and practically any text output into your Web pages. It will also parse and include live Apache-style directory listings into your pages, giving you a creative and sharp looking way to make files available to your users. It looks just as good in Lynx as it does in Firefox.

Download Website Updated 10 Nov 2004 ASPTemplate

Pop 50.30
Vit 2.30

ASP Template is a template engine for ASP and ASPX (.NET) whose main concern is to separate actual code from HTML.

Download Website Updated 03 Mar 2002 AStA-CMS

Pop 21.33
Vit 66.86

AStA-CMS is a simple content managment system (CMS) which allows you to manage the contents of your Web site in a well-structured manner, based on an hierarchiecal category tree. It also allows you to store files and images in a database. It features multi-user functionality and the ability to manage articles, files, and images easily. It is based on templates, and thus provides a proper separation of PHP code and visual design. Neither Java nor JavaScript nor frames are needed.

Download No website Updated 25 Feb 2014 AWStats

Pop 1,637.08
Vit 39.03

Advanced Web Statistics (AWStats) is a free powerful Web server logfile analyzer (Perl script) that shows you all your Web statistics including visits, unique visitors, pages, hits, rush hours, search engines, keywords used to find your site, robots, broken links, and more. It works with both IIS 5.0+ and Apache Web server log files as a CGI and/or from the command line. It also supports around 40 languages.

Download Website Updated 05 Feb 2012 AWStats MultiSite Summary

Pop 72.77
Vit 1.59

AWStats MultiSite Summary is an extension to AWStats' user interface which summarizes multiple sites in a clear and compact way on a per month and user basis. It was build for small and medium service providers for centralized AWStats analysis and reports.

No download Website Updated 31 Mar 2009 Aardvark Topsites PHP

Pop 80.86
Vit 5.21

Aardvark Topsites PHP is the premier PHP/SQL topsites script. Members' ranks can be shown on their button, and there are 6 different ranking methods, including pageviews. Powerful anticheating protection is included. It supports categories. You can use up/down/neutral arrows. The admin allows you to approve new members, edit existing members, delete bad members, and much more.

Download Website Updated 05 Apr 2007 Absolut Engine content management system

Pop 65.88
Vit 2.37

Absolut Engine is a PHP/MySQL framework built on the basis of a former news publishing system. It features 3 layer access, article posting, editing, and deleting. Included are a basic image and file manager as well as a related articles manager. Rich text editing is provided via a built-in WYSIWYG editor that produces XHTML 1.0 Strict compliant code. It is easy to extend via the module functionality. It is fully configurable and easy-to-use. Modules include discussions, surveys, RSS feed export and import, search engine optimization, a messaging system, weather reports, and Google Maps.


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A window manager for X.


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A miniature Linux distribution.