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Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 AtisWiki

Pop 20.20
Vit 1.00

AtisWiki is a clone of Ward Cunningham's WikiWikiWeb. AtisWiki can be used to set up editable Web pages -- the users can edit and create pages with a very simple markup language using a standard browser.

Download Website Updated 01 Jan 2007 MyThreads-Links

Pop 75.83
Vit 6.07

MyThreads-Links is a Web-based links manager that looks similar to Yahoo but was written in PHP and uses MySQL. It uses PHPLib templates so that its very simple for anyone to change the look and feel of the program without having to edit the code. Custom database fields can be easily added and managed.

Download Website Updated 06 May 2001 WebWarper Site Optimizer

Pop 12.00
Vit 3.14

WebWarper Site Optimizer aims to reduce the download time and data rate of the pages of your Web site via automatic dynamic compression of all Web pages using gzip. Compression speed is about 200-500 Kb/sec on Pentium-500 and tends to compress by 2-10 times. As most machines are bandwidth limited, not CPU limited, the decompression cost is amortized through the increased transfer rate. WebWarper Pro does not require any special software. It works on both Apache and MS IIS.

Download Website Updated 05 Sep 2011 pyle

Pop 34.86
Vit 2.70

PyleWiki is a WikiClone written entirely in Python that allows a group of people to collaboratively edit a tree of webpages using nothing but their browser and a simple, text-based markup language. This particular WikiClone has a few extensions to the original: attachments to pages, user authentication (primitive), and the use of templates for page styling among others.

Download Website Updated 25 Apr 2002 POP3-Checker

Pop 9.64
Vit 2.18

POP3-Checker is a POP3 email interface for the Web, written in PHP. It contacts the POP3 server via network sockets.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 newslog

Pop 17.94
Vit 2.08

newslog is a simple Perl CGI program that provides a Web interface for updating news items or diary entries on a Web page. It may be run as a CGI or as a mod_perl program. A user-defined number of items appear on the "current news" page and older items are automatically moved into date-based archive files. News postings may be syndicated to Advogato or other sites based on mod_virgule.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 Cawfee CGI

Pop 26.04
Vit 1.78

Cawfee CGI SDK is a CGI library written in C++. Cawfee CGI SDK includes many functions that make CGI applications fairly easy for the first time CGI pogrammer, with full documentation and tutorial.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 Merchant-Store

Pop 53.38
Vit 1.46

Merchant-Store is an easy-to-use Perl-based shopping cart script with an integrated product manager, backend order manager, and real-time credit card processing capabilities. There are three versions available. The first is for Signio-compatible credit card processing. The second is for AuthorizeNet-compatible credit card processing. The third is an AuthorizeNet modification for Selena Sol's web_store.

Download Website Updated 04 Dec 2001 Text::Template

Pop 24.90
Vit 1.52

Text::Template is a module for doing dynamic content generation in Perl. You can embed any Perl code into a file, and then make a call to the module to `fill in' the blanks in the file. This is good for generating HTML pages and form letters. It was first released in 1995 and is very stable, very fast, and very reliable. It is also integrated with Perl's Safe module in case you don't trust the template author.

Download Website Updated 04 Dec 2005 Perl Webmail

Pop 163.16
Vit 8.15

Perl Webmail is a CGI/mod_perl application that interfaces with external POP3 and SMTP services. It provides all the expected functionality of a mail client, such as read, reply, forward, delete, as well as sending and receiving attachments, storage for mail folders, contacts, and calendar notes.


Project Spotlight


A window manager for X.


Project Spotlight


A miniature Linux distribution.