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No download Website Updated 30 Apr 2002 Table Class

Pop 15.56
Vit 66.42

Table Class allows you to create highly dyanamic HTML tables easily and quickly. It supports CSS, any number of arbitrary tags, and creating tables inside tables. This class is useful for implementing intensive reporting features. Table Class is faster than using and parsing traditional HTML templates because the class works completely in memory, storing all the table data in several comprehensive arrays, while not compiling to HTML until you want it to. This allows for dynamic editing of any attribute of any element. Rows and columns can be easily added and subtracted at any time, and row contents can be added simply by passing an array.

Download Website Updated 17 Sep 2002 Unique Visitor Counter

Pop 10.95
Vit 66.07

Unique Visitor Counter is a very simple script that records visits from unique IP-addresses to a Web site. Unlike an ordinary hit counter, it will not increment at refresh. It also comes with a user- friendly setup script, eliminating the need for extensive PHP knowledge to use it.

No download Website Updated 04 Jul 2002 Code Librarian

Pop 42.61
Vit 65.93

Code Librarian is a Web frontend to CVS repositories, conceptually a merge of Bonsai and ViewCVS/cvsweb. It allows browsing recent commits to the repositories monitored by date as well as browsing the repository by path as a tree of files and their revisions. Colored unidiffs are shown in popup layers one click away from any browse view, and the interface tries to be both clean and powerful, without scaring away the novice user.

No download Website Updated 15 Jul 2002 UPOINT Remote Web Publisher

Pop 28.43
Vit 65.84

RWP is a MySQL-based content management system which allows a Web maintenance manager and his group of non-techie Web operators to update a Web site's contents via ordinary browsers. The group manager (master user) can assign different HTML pages to be made editable to different group members (slave users). updates are instant. Everything is completely under an SSL connection.

No download Website Updated 15 Jul 2002 Personal Web Statistics

Pop 13.93
Vit 65.84

Personal Web Statistics (pstats) is a set of CGI scripts that maintain statistics for your Web site. It includes a counter, and referrer and visitor statistics.

Download Website Updated 11 Aug 2002 Turbo Seek

Pop 19.97
Vit 65.64

Turbo Seek provides the capability to create and run a directory and search engine with ease. It comes with a visually friendly admin control panel that provides all of the aspects to create, customize, and run a fully functional search engine. It supports unlimited sub-categories, and includes a crawler, link checker, site rankings, site reviews, the ability to customize all text/layouts, relevance to search keywords, and more.

Download Website Updated 02 Oct 2002 xmlizer configurator/server

Pop 16.25
Vit 65.24

xmlizer configurator/server is a client/server approach for custom database to XML mapping. The configurator is used to set up projects and the server delivers the processed requests on demand (like a Web server) according to the mapping rules made with the configurator, which includes a drag and drop GUI. One module is for dumping databases (or parts of it) in a fixed format and the other module can build XML instances satisfying a specified XML Schema (or DTD).

Download No website Updated 22 Oct 2002 PHPFramework

Pop 21.56
Vit 65.09

PHPFramework aims to be a collection of reusable PHP classes to build Web applications easily. It has a database wrapper and some useful classes to convert result sets to HTML code.

Download Website Updated 15 Nov 2002 MailMapper

Pop 12.08
Vit 64.91

MailMapper is a Web-based mail client written in PHP. It uses HTTP authentication and can store messages in one or more folders.

Download Website Updated 22 Nov 2002 Ming-Sharp

Pop 13.42
Vit 64.85

Ming-Sharp is a library which allows you to create SWF (Flash) format movies. It supports almost all of Flash 4's features, including shapes, gradients, bitmaps (PNGs and JPEGs), morphs ("shape tweens"), text, buttons, actions, sprites ("movie clips"), streaming MP3, and color transforms. The only thing that's missing is sound events.


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An application development toolkit.


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XiX Music Player

A music player for MP3, Ogg, and FLAC files.