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Download Website Updated 14 Nov 2009 bost

Pop 33.44
Vit 2.26

bost is a DNS diagnostic tool for resolving IPs from hostnames and hostnames from IPs. It performs double checks. It is useful for checking if there are more IPs on a hostname. It can check IP ranges (CIDR).

Download Website Updated 16 Oct 2008 zf-bindAdmin

Pop 22.09
Vit 1.43

bindAdmin is a simple administrative interface for a BIND server which stores its data in a MySQL database. The Zend framework is used for faster production.

Download Website Updated 08 Jul 2009 inetdxtra

Pop 36.74
Vit 2.16

inetdxtra is a collection of inetd servers aimed at low-powered hardware like the Linksys NSLU2. It comprises a lightweight DNS, DHCP, CTCS, MVPrelay, HTTP Proxy, SMTP, WWW, and XMPP/Jabber server.

Download Website Updated 25 Sep 2008 dnscacheaudit

Pop 19.10
Vit 1.00

dnscacheaudit is a simple Perl utility to audit entries in the BIND cache. At the end of each run, it creates a PDF report showing the number of domains in the BIND cache that have a different IP address in the cache than the reference servers. This utility is inspired by the CacheAudit utility by Jose Avila.

Download Website Updated 20 Oct 2008 captivednsd

Pop 27.39
Vit 1.00

captivednsd, the captive domain name server, returns the same authorative response to every query.

Download Website Updated 13 Jan 2011 bind9_5_counters.pl

Pop 67.15
Vit 2.21

bind9_5_counters.pl is a script to extract values from the BIND 9.5 (and later) DNS server's XML statistics channel. It produces reports in Cricket MRTG and Cacti format, but it has only been tested with Cricket.

No download Website Updated 31 Dec 2008 nspamper

Pop 17.83
Vit 1.42

nspamper is an event driven client to update dynamic DNS entries via Nsupdates. It robustly copes with network problems by retrying until DNS returns the the new IP address. It also correctly handles the case where the link dropped and re-established before the last attempt succeeded by using the latest IP address. Only a minimum of configuration options are required.

Download Website Updated 06 Aug 2012 dns.c

Pop 129.71
Vit 7.35

dns.c is a recursive, re-entrant, non-blocking DNS resolver in a single .c file. It features a record-agnostic API, restartable record iterators, and smart queries which recursively follow out-of-bailiwick NS, MX, and SRV host references. It works just as well as a stub resolver, too. It also includes spf.c, a non-blocking SPF resolver with no threading, no forking, and no run-time dependencies.

Download Website Updated 12 Dec 2012 adsuck

Pop 117.01
Vit 7.24

adsuck is a small DNS server that spoofs blacklisted addresses and forwards all other queries. The idea is to be able to prevent connections to undesirable sites such as ad servers, crawlers, etc. It can be used locally, for the road warrior, or on the network perimeter in order to protect local machines from malicious sites.

No download Website Updated 18 May 2009 pymds

Pop 10.77
Vit 43.08

pymds is a simple, authoritative-only DNS server that has a simple module system for customizing how name resolution happens. The main motivation for starting this project was to create a simple system for building smarter DNS servers, capable of geography awareness, geographic load balancing, application aware load balancing, etc. Current modules implement standard behavior of using a file based DB to answer queries and to provide simple round-robin load-balancing across several servers by altering the order that IP addresses are returned.


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