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Download Website Updated 12 Feb 2001 djbdns

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djbdns is a collection of Domain Name System tools. Security is one of the primary motivations for the development of djbdns. Every step of the design and implementation has been carefully evaluated from a security perspective. The djbdns package has been structured to minimize the complexity of security-critical code. dnscache is immune to cache poisoning. It is advisable to use the package as a secure alternative to BIND.

Download Website Updated 19 Mar 2007 DNRD

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DNRD is a proxy DNS daemon. It supports several forward servers for redundancy and/or load-balancing. DNS queries for specific domains can be forwarded to a specific group of DNS servers (with redundancy and load balancing) for that domain. It is very useful in VPN and dialup environments but can also be used as a DNS cache or ad-blocker for networks and workstations.

Download Website Updated 03 Sep 2001 dnscvsutil

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dnscvsutil maintains your DNS zone files under CVS control, and automatically updates reverse zones.

No download Website Updated 10 May 2002 dnsjava

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dnsjava is an implementation of the DNS protocol in Java. It supports all of the common record types. dnsjava provides both high and low level access to the resolver. The high level functions perform queries for records of a given name, type, and class, and return an array of records. A cache is used to reduce the number of queries sent. The low level functions allow direct manipulation of dns messages and records, as well as allowing additional resolver properties to be set. A 'dig' clone, dynamic update program, and basic server are also included. Extensions to the DNS protocol are supported as well (DNSSEC, TSIG, EDNS0).

Download Website Updated 17 Aug 2012 Dnsmasq

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Dnsmasq is a lightweight, easy to configure DNS forwarder and DHCP server. It is designed to provide DNS and (optionally) DHCP to a small network. It can serve the names of local machines which are not in the global DNS. The DHCP server integrates with the DNS server and allows machines with DHCP-allocated addresses to appear in the DNS with names configured either in each host or in a central configuration file. Dnsmasq supports static and dynamic DHCP leases and BOOTP/TFTP for network booting of diskless machines.

Download Website Updated 20 Sep 2005 DNSSEC Walker

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DNSSEC Walker is a tool to recover DNS zonefiles using the DNS protocol. The server does not have to support zonetransfer, but the zone must contain DNSSEC "NXT" or "NSEC" records. Optionally, it can also verify DNSSEC signatures on the RRsets within the zone.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 dproxy

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dproxy is a caching DNS proxy for use on dial-up gateway machines. It is designed to behave nicely when the gateway is not connected. This prevents programs like Netscape from locking up when they try to do DNS lookups when there is no connection.

Download No website Updated 30 Jan 2001 dyn-dns-bind8

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The scripts in the dyn-dns-bind8 package allow a host to connect to a server, make an SSL connection, and send a hostname, an IP and a password so hosts can change their IPs remotely.

No download Website Updated 16 Jul 2003 Eddie

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Eddie acts as a high availability WAN and LAN clustering tool for Web servers (including Apache). It provides load balancing at two levels (DNS and LAN), failover redundancy, and admission control to maintain quality of service levels.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 GnuDIP

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GnuDIP is a application designed to allow an ISP to publish a DNS hostname for a customer without having to assign a static IP address. Customers can maintain the address information via a CGI on the ISP's website. For those who are familiar with the dyn.ml.org part this is a simple replacement package.


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An SNMP MIB Browser.