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Download Website Updated 20 Oct 2008 captivednsd

Pop 27.39
Vit 1.00

captivednsd, the captive domain name server, returns the same authorative response to every query.

Download Website Updated 16 Oct 2008 zf-bindAdmin

Pop 22.09
Vit 1.43

bindAdmin is a simple administrative interface for a BIND server which stores its data in a MySQL database. The Zend framework is used for faster production.

Download Website Updated 25 Sep 2008 dnscacheaudit

Pop 19.10
Vit 1.00

dnscacheaudit is a simple Perl utility to audit entries in the BIND cache. At the end of each run, it creates a PDF report showing the number of domains in the BIND cache that have a different IP address in the cache than the reference servers. This utility is inspired by the CacheAudit utility by Jose Avila.

No download Website Updated 27 Aug 2008 Python DNS

Pop 35.41
Vit 1.88

PyDNS provides a module for performing general DNS queries from python applications. Applications can retrieve any kind of DNS record, not just look up hostnames and IP addresses.

Download Website Updated 15 Aug 2008 Xyria:DNSd

Pop 29.50
Vit 5.00

Xyria:DNSd is a high performance, authoritative-only DNS server that supports only the most important features and resource records while being extremely fast and secure. It also supports round-robin load balancing and is IPv6 ready.

Download Website Updated 09 Jul 2008 Avahi

Pop 138.85
Vit 6.68

Avahi is a framework for Multicast DNS Service Discovery (mDNS/DNS-SD a.k.a. Zeroconf) on Linux. It allows programs to publish and discover services running on a local network with no specific configuration. For example, you can plug into a network and instantly find printers to print to, files to look at, and people to talk to.

Download Website Updated 03 Jul 2008 slapi-dnsnotify

Pop 22.45
Vit 1.00

slapi-dnsnotify is a plugin for OpenLDAP or other LDAP servers. It watches for changes in the serial number of a DNS zone stored in the LDAP server, and notifies DNS slave servers to refresh their copy of the zone. It can also increment the serial number of a zone whenever changes in that zone are made.

Download Website Updated 11 Jun 2008 Stanford NetDB

Pop 28.57
Vit 1.52

NetDB is a suite of applications for managing DNS and DHCP in a distributed, collaborative fashion. It is geared towards very large networks and can support thousands of nodes, networks, and users. NetDB consists of a database with Web, command-line, and RMI interfaces. Users use the NetDB Web and command-line interfaces to keep the data in NetDB up to date. The GSSAPI-secured RMI interface can be used to create site-specific tools to manage and use NetDB data. NetDB includes scripts for generating ISC BIND zonefiles and ISC DHCP configuration files.

Download Website Updated 10 Jun 2008 BIND DLZ on Rails

Pop 11.27
Vit 46.88

Bind DLZ on Rails is a Web-based user interface for managing BIND with the bind-dlz extensions on a MySQL 5.0 backend. BIND is a DNS server, and the bind-dlz extensions enhance BIND with support for database backeneds. This simplifies the management of thousands of zones and provides added redundancy (by way of database replication).

Download Website Updated 15 May 2008 dnstracer

Pop 232.54
Vit 4.28

dnstracer determines where a given Domain Name Server (DNS) gets its information from, and follows the chain of DNS servers back to the servers which know the data.


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HP Vlan Simple Adminstration

A Web interface for administering VLANs on HP L3 managed Ethernet switches.


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An SNMP MIB Browser.