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Download Website Updated 26 Jun 2006 Udis86

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Udis86 is an easy-to-use minimalistic disassembler library (libudis86) for the x86 and x86-64 (AMD64) range of instruction set architectures. The primary intent of the design and development of udis86 is to aid software development projects that entail binary code analysis.

Download Website Updated 10 Oct 2004 Assembly Language Debugger

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ALD is an assembly language debugger, created as an alternative to gdb. It supports breakpoints, memory/register manipulation, x86 disassembly, and ELF/a.out file formats.

No download Website Updated 18 Jan 2004 dis6502

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dis6502 is a flow-tracing 6502 disassembler. It includes support for more input file formats and additional control file directives allowing for better disassembly of references to multi-byte variables.

Download Website Updated 04 Dec 2012 hexdump

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hexdump produces a CP/M-like format by default, and can handle EBCDIC. It is internationalized, and has many formatting functions.

Download Website Updated 09 Dec 2003 Reverse Engineering Compiler

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REC is a portable reverse engineering compiler, or decompiler. It reads an executable file and attempts to produce a C-like representation of the code and data used to build it. It can decompile 386, 68k, PowerPC, and MIPS R3000 programs. It recognizes the following file formats: ELF (System V Rel. 4, e.g. Linux, Solaris, etc.), COFF (System V Rel. 3.x, e.g. SCO), PE (Win32 .EXE and .DLL for Microsoft Windows 95 and NT), AOUT (BSD derivatives, e.g. SunOS 4.x), Playstation PS-X (MIPS target only), and raw binary data (via .cmd files).

Download Website Updated 13 Dec 2009 Ovm

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Ovm is a framework for building programming language runtime systems. The current emphasis is to produce a Java virtual machine compliant with the real time specification for Java.

Download Website Updated 22 Sep 2003 Java Binary Enhancement Tool

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The Java Binary Enhancement Tool (JBET) is a general Java program analysis and manipulation tool. Existing class files can be disassembled, eassembled, or edited programmatically through the JBET API. JBET can also be used to create new Java class files from scratch. It uses a convenient internal representation of all the contents of Java binary (.class) files, allowing the user to edit the classes easily, in a structured manner.

Download Website Updated 30 Aug 2012 6502dis

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6502dis is a 6502 disassembler written in C.

Download Website Updated 23 Mar 2004 jclassinfo

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jclassinfo is an information extractor for Java classes. The information it deals with includes but is not limited to VM requirements, inheritance, dependencies, field and method signatures, and class attributes. It is written in C and requires zlib.

Download Website Updated 18 Jun 2004 KMD

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KMD is a multi-processor debugger. It can debug with hardware boards over serial ports or with software emulators (ARM and MIPS emulators are included in the project). Using the pipe option you can debug over the network or any other communication medium. It can load many executable formats such as ELF, and display and follow the original source even from multiple source file programs. There is support for breakpoints and watchpoints which can trap on specific data (such as loading or executing specific instructions). Support for other features such as FPGA's is also available, allowing loading or any control required to drive a specific hardware device. The project uses chump to allow disassembly and line assembly. Chump also allows new architectures to be easily added without the need to recompile the system. Communication with the backend is done using two pipes/fifos using a simple set of codes. Back end communication program can be created using very little memory on the target device.


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