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Download Website Updated 20 Nov 2012 libexplain

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Vit 6.89

The libexplain project provides a library that may be used to explain Unix and Linux system call errors. This will make your application's error messages much more informative to your users. The library is not quite a drop-in replacement for strerror, but it comes close: each system call has a dedicated libexplain function.

Download Website Updated 21 Apr 2005 libksnmp

Pop 22.80
Vit 1.43

libksnmp is a KDE library that wraps around net-snmp to allow KDE applications to get SNMP statistics without the need to walk through net-snmp conflicts with autoconf/automake projects, using a KDEish C++ interface.

Download Website Updated 07 Mar 2011 liboping

Pop 102.12
Vit 6.51

liboping is a C library for measuring network latency using ICMP echo requests. It can send to and receive packets from multiple hosts in parallel, which is nice for monitoring applications. Both IPv4 and IPv6 are supported transparently for the programmer and user. A program called oping is included to show the simplicity and potential of the library and provide the functionality at the command line.

Download Website Updated 09 Jun 2006 libsmbios

Pop 77.85
Vit 2.80

Libsmbios is a cross-platform library intended to be used to obtain common information available in a BIOS. Major features include the ability to update the BIOS on Dell systems (in conjunction with the Dell RBU Linux kernel driver), programmatic access to information in SMBIOS tables, and the ability to obtain Dell system-specific information such as the Dell System ID number, service tag, and asset tag. Future plans include APIs for $PIR and mptable mapping. There is a C API for some of the more commonly used functions, and example binaries to show off most of the facilities.

Download Website Updated 29 Apr 2006 lovi

Pop 14.46
Vit 1.00

Lovi is a log file viewer for the K Desktop Environment. It supports monitoring multiple log files, with color-coded filtering of warning and error messages.

No download Website Updated 23 Dec 2004 md5i

Pop 24.60
Vit 1.00

md5i creates an MD5 database of all files in a directory structure and allows you to easily recheck the contents and report if any files have changed. It does not detect removed files, and only computes an MD5 sum if the "last modified" timestamp of a file has changed since the last execution by default. Wrapper scripts for Unix and Windows are included.

No download Website Updated 16 Dec 2009 mempattern

Pop 10.72
Vit 40.37

mempattern is a utility for generating bit patterns on address and data lines of memory buses in computer systems. This allows hardware engineers to observe and measure the electrical characteristics of the memory bus interface.

Download Website Updated 22 Aug 2010 memtest86+

Pop 131.71
Vit 5.45

memtest86+ is a memory tester which is based on memtest86 v3.0, and provides an up-to-date version of this useful tool, which aims to be as reliable as the original. It has been fixed to work on AMD64 systems, and also properly detects all current CPUs and motherboard chipsets. It supports ECC polling for AMD64, i875P, and E7205, and displays some useful settings for the most popular chipsets.

Download Website Updated 10 Jun 2012 memtester

Pop 219.12
Vit 13.83

memtester is a user-space utility for testing the memory subsystem in a computer to determine if it is faulty. It does a good job of finding intermittent faults and non-deterministic faults. It has many tests to help catch borderline memory. memtester should compile and run on any 32- or 64-bit Unix or Unix-like system.

No download Website Updated 19 Apr 2005 memthrash

Pop 29.41
Vit 1.41

memthrash is a script to thrash memory and I/O, which is useful in finding odd memory/DMA errors.


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A Wordpress clone written in GNU Bash.


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Blue Moon solitaire for Unix.