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No download Website Updated 06 Feb 2013 check_logfiles

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check_logfiles is a plugin for Nagios which checks logfiles for defined patterns. It is capable of detecting logfile rotation. If you tell it how the rotated archives look, it will also examine these files. Unlike check_logfiles, traditional logfile plugins were not aware of the gap which could occur, so under some circumstances they ignored what had happened between their checks. A configuration file is used to specify where to search, what to search, and what to do if a matching line is found.

Download Website Updated 22 Mar 2006 Gluon

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Gluon is a simple decision-tree daemon that executes external programs (scripts) to determine the path-flow within the decision-tree. It essentially operates as a basic IF-THEN-ELSE expert system that can be used to monitor and take action.

Download Website Updated 29 Jun 2006 Rugg

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Vit 2.03

Rugg is a hard drive and filesystem harness tool that allows you to test and benchmark drives and filesystems by writing simple to complex scenarios that can mimic the behaviour of real-world applications. Test scenarios can be implemented using Rugg's compact and versatile domain specific language.

Download Website Updated 03 Apr 2006 qtcpufreq

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Vit 1.00

qtcpufreq is a administrative tool for cpufreqd. It allows a easy administration of the cpufreqd daemon on GNU/Linux systems.

Download Website Updated 29 Apr 2006 lovi

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Vit 1.00

Lovi is a log file viewer for the K Desktop Environment. It supports monitoring multiple log files, with color-coded filtering of warning and error messages.

Download Website Updated 07 Mar 2011 liboping

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liboping is a C library for measuring network latency using ICMP echo requests. It can send to and receive packets from multiple hosts in parallel, which is nice for monitoring applications. Both IPv4 and IPv6 are supported transparently for the programmer and user. A program called oping is included to show the simplicity and potential of the library and provide the functionality at the command line.

Download Website Updated 07 Oct 2013 MBW

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Vit 7.03

MBW determines the "copy" memory bandwidth available to userspace programs. Its simplistic approach models that of real applications. It is not tuned to extremes and it is not aware of hardware architecture, just like your average software package.

Download Website Updated 13 Jan 2010 MCS MyVoIP

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MCS MyVoIP very accurately measures the quality and performance of Internet connections for Voice over IP (VoIP) usage by simulating UDP voice data traffic between a server and browser clients. Connections are tested for jitter and packet loss and rated for the supported level of sound quality. The VoIP test can be set to various codecs or customized by packet size, packet rate, and test length. The test can further be combined with a bandwidth speed test or network route diagnostics for more in-depth connection analysis.

No download Website Updated 22 Jun 2006 Escape-K

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The goal of Escape-K is to provide an all-in-one platform for IT service management. This means that using a single application (the Escape-K client console), users are able to manage any sized computer organization, from workstation and printers to servers, databases, or network devices. Escape-K follows the main guidelines recommended by ITIL. Therefore, the core of the application is the composed of the CMDB. Depending of the chosen perspective, Escape-K users can deal with incidents and problem resolution as well as server or database administration.

Download No website Updated 19 May 2011 osinfo

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osinfo reports the type, the version, the architecture, and the kernel of the Linux distribution you are running.


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Forth for the AVR Atmega microcontroller.


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