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Download Website Updated 28 Mar 2013 BEAST/BSE

Pop 281.48
Vit 16.83

Beast is a powerful music composition and modular synthesis application. It offers multiple input methods like multitrack, piano roll, and pattern editing and supports skins. On the technical side, it has a wide range of abilities like sequencing, unlimited undo/redo history, real-time synthesis with multiprocessor support, full duplex 32-bit audio rendering, precise timing down to sample granularity, on demand loading of partial wave files, on the fly decoding of various sample formats, aliasing free oscillators, and full Scheme scripting support.

Download Website Updated 27 Jan 2004 BF-Commander

Pop 36.17
Vit 1.00

BF-Commander is graphical file manager for Linux. It should work well with any window manager without the need for any additional libraries.

Download Website Updated 10 May 2007 BLAX!

Pop 39.50
Vit 1.76

BLAX! is a point-of-sale application that helps the salesman to manage sales and intakes. It focuses on the main aspects of a small store: printing a bill, displaying something on an LCD, handling bar codes, and calculating inventory. It features sound feedback, color sets, log files, and many other features.

Download Website Updated 21 Apr 2008 BTFishes

Pop 18.65
Vit 1.98

The BTFishes screen saver looks for nearby Bluetooth devices (e.g. cell phones and other computers), and summons a unique, colorful fish for each device it finds. It will also display a news feed of your choice.

No download Website Updated 15 Sep 2004 BadWM

Pop 33.41
Vit 2.80

BadWM is a minimalistic window manager for the X Window System. It features no window decorations except for a simple 1 pixel border, no icons, no menu, good keyboard control (including repositioning and vertical/horizontal/full maximization), is configurable through a config file, virtual desktops, small binary size, high usability, intelligent window placement, intellegent window resizing, snap to edge, snap to border, and multi-head support.

Download Website Updated 29 Mar 2006 Bakery

Pop 124.06
Vit 5.80

Bakery is a C++ Framework for creating GNOME applications using gnomemm and gtkmm. It provides a Document/View architecture, but it doesn't force you to use the whole architecture. It makes it easy to start developing GNOME applications by inheriting and overriding.

Download Website Updated 22 Nov 2004 Balsa

Pop 297.41
Vit 9.37

Balsa is a Gnome e-mail client supporting POP3, IMAP, and local mail delivery. It can be compiled with multi-threading support for faster response, and can do nifty things like read your GnomeCard address book, use LDAP, and render HTML mail.

Download Website Updated 09 Mar 2006 Band Saw

Pop 42.21
Vit 1.89

Band Saw is a syslog monitoring program for GNOME. It allows the user to define filters that specify which log messages should be drawn to the user's attention. Combined with syslog's remote logging functionality it provides an effective, scalable, and easily deployed monitoring solution.

No download Website Updated 03 Aug 2006 Bandit

Pop 21.84
Vit 53.45

Bandit is a system of loosely-coupled components that provide consistent identity services and create a community that organizes and standardizes identity-related technologies in an open way, promoting both interoperability and collaboration. It implements open standard protocols and specifications so identity services can be constructed, accessed, and integrated from multiple identity sources. The Bandit system supports many authentication methods and provides user-centric credential management.

Download Website Updated 07 Jul 2006 Bantam

Pop 43.42
Vit 2.40

Bantam is a fast, light file manager for X11. It is targeted at power users who know their way around a file system and like to use the keyboard. Its important features include single-keystroke commands as the primary mode of operation, an arbitrary number of directory views, and a configurable interface to external file viewers and editors.


Project Spotlight


A Java Swing application to test RESTful Web services.


Project Spotlight


A ncurses-based Jabber client.