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Download Website Updated 22 Jun 2007 TDFSB

Pop 158.75
Vit 4.38

TDFSB reads directory information and displays it as a 3D world. cd'ing into another directory is possible by simply walking into the assigned sphere. It also reads images and text files and displays their contents. It plays MP3 files and MPEG-1 videos as 3D objects.

Download Website Updated 18 Jun 2007 Metacity

Pop 114.67
Vit 3.46

Metacity is a window manager for GNOME. It uses GTK+ 2 for drawing window frames, meaning that it inherits colors, fonts, etc. from the GTK+ theme.

Download Website Updated 17 Jun 2007 eKitaab

Pop 22.61
Vit 1.75

eKitaab is an eBook Catalog Manager to manage large collections of ebooks. eKitaab is not an eBook reader. eKitaab displays a list of all books you have, with their titles, authors, descriptions, and photos of the book covers. It also shows if you have read that book before or not. eKitaab downloads all this information from the Internet, based on the ISBN of the book, or by searching by author or title. eKitaab is designed to be extremely safe for the eBooks; the eBooks themselves are never changed.

Download Website Updated 14 Jun 2007 krd remote desktop connection manager

Pop 36.88
Vit 2.13

krd eases the configuration and utilization of multiple connections to remote desktops. It's a rdesktop and VNC wrapper. You can configure almost all rdesktop and xtightvncviewer parameters and copy/paste/rename connections. It stores passwords safely with kwallet. You can save/manage sessions very easily using a menu. It supports preinit and postend scripts per connection, typically to start or stop SSH tunnel or VPN connections.

Download Website Updated 12 Jun 2007 assoGiate

Pop 27.93
Vit 1.76

assoGiate is an editor of the file types database for GNOME. It allows users to modify the detection and display of file types. It supports all the elements of the shared-mime-info specification.

No download Website Updated 11 Jun 2007 genesis framework

Pop 18.33
Vit 1.00

genesis is a framework that aims to bring simplicity and productivity to enterprise application development, ensuring scalability, robustness, and testability of your software. The main goal is to simplify the development of business components and the construction of complex graphical interfaces, with minimum effort for developers. It combines several frameworks in a completely transparent way for developers through the use of AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming). It tries to allow people with little knowledge of the Java platform to develop robust applications quickly, without requiring them to learn several new technologies and complex concepts.

No download No website Updated 11 Jun 2007 FFTscope for AlsaPlayer

Pop 61.97
Vit 3.24

FFTscope is a visualization plugin for AlsaPlayer. Its main purpose is to demonstrate how to write a plugin against the AlsaPlayer visualization API.

Download Website Updated 10 Jun 2007 KOffice

Pop 378.67
Vit 9.37

KOffice is an integrated office suite based on the KDE libraries. KOffice currently includes KWord, KSpread, KPresenter, KChart, Karbon14, Krita, Kexi, KFormula, Kugar, and Kivio. There are no special mail and news clients included in KOffice, because there are KMail and KNode available for KDE anyway. All KOffice components work together, and you can embed every KOffice component into any other KOffice component. This is realized using the KParts object model.

Download Website Updated 09 Jun 2007 wuja

Pop 31.56
Vit 2.78

Wuja is a Gnome desktop applet for integration with Google Calendar.

Download Website Updated 08 Jun 2007 Kexi

Pop 120.74
Vit 5.14

Kexi is an integrated environment for managing data. It helps with creating database schemas and inserting, querying, and processing data. It integrates smoothly into KDE and KOffice, and is designed to compete with Microsoft Access. It is supported under Linux and MS Windows.


Project Spotlight


A tool to conduct TCP performance analysis.


Project Spotlight


Tiny, portable general Unix utilities.