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Download Website Updated 12 Jan 1999 wm2

Pop 25.16
Vit 74.95

wm2 is a window manager for X. Using wm2, you can move windows around the screen, resize windows both horizontally and vertically, hide windows, restore hidden windows and delete windows. wm2 also adds a stylish frame to each managed window.

Download No website Updated 30 May 1998 KSnapshot

Pop 38.08
Vit 76.44

KSnapshot is a simple applet for taking screenshots. It is capable of capturing images of either the whole desktop, or just a single window. The images can then be saved, or passed to another application using drag and drop.

Download Website Updated 25 May 1998 KPGsql

Pop 11.18
Vit 76.48

KPGsql is a simple KDE postgres-frontend. You may send SQL-specific querys to the postgres backend (also over the net). It is written for use in the K-Desktop Enviroment.

No download Website Updated 15 May 1998 GPPP

Pop 11.22
Vit 76.54

GPPP is a PPP setup program, with a similar user interface to that of Windows Internet Wizard.

Download Website Updated 10 May 1998 Ytree

Pop 16.73
Vit 76.57

ytree is a curses-based file manager which is similar to DOS-XTREE(tm).

Download Website Updated 20 Mar 1998 amiwm

Pop 90.91
Vit 76.91

amiwm is an X window manager that tries to make your display look and feel like an Amiga® Workbench® screen. It is fully functional and can do all the usual window manager stuff, like moving and resizing windows.


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A tool to conduct TCP performance analysis.


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Tiny, portable general Unix utilities.