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Download Website Updated 09 Jul 2003 sysklogd-sql

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Vit 2.10

sysklogd-sql is a port of the sysklogd daemon that can log data to a MySQL or PostgreSQL database running either on the same machine or a remote database server. The SQL configuration is done in the standard syslog.conf file for easy administration and configuration. Also included is a set of sample PHP scripts to query the data from the syslog database. In a large environment, you can set up a central logging server, or configure a secure syslog environment that will make it very difficult to tamper with the syslog data.

No download Website Updated 14 Jul 2003 tadpole

Pop 24.39
Vit 1.00

Tadpole is a small GUI for editing/executing SQL queries against the SQLite database. It was named after Toad, a similar but far superior tool for Oracle.

Download No website Updated 22 Sep 2003 tcm2sql

Pop 15.17
Vit 2.14

tcm2sql is a tool for generating SQL "CREATE" commands from a tcm static structure diagram (SSD) including constraints and foreign keys. It is currently able to produce SQL for PostgreSQL, but it should be possible to write other renderers.

Download Website Updated 09 Sep 2004 tdbSQL

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Vit 1.45

tdbSQL is a complete implementation of an EASY SQL server for the tdbengine RDBMS. It is a client-server solution that can be accessed via TCP and makes it possible to access tdbengine DBs from languages other than EASY, including Perl, PHP, C, C++, C#, and Java. It combines the perfomance of the tdbengine with the feeling and standards of other SQL databases and features integrated rights management.

No download Website Updated 05 Oct 2004 tdbSQL dude

Pop 24.80
Vit 2.01

tdbSQL dude is a Web frontend to access the tdbSQL server. It allows you to administrate databases, add and edit tables, columns, records, etc., or use other important functions. It is modelled on the famous phpMyAdmin for MySQL databases.

Download Website Updated 25 Jan 2005 tdbeditor Eclipse plugin

Pop 11.36
Vit 1.42

tdbeditor is a plugin for the Eclipse IDE which provides syntax highlighting and code completion for the tdbengine scripting language. It requires Eclipse 3.0+ and the tdbengine.

Download Website Updated 02 Apr 2004 tdbengine

Pop 38.07
Vit 1.42

Tdbengine is an RDBMS with an integrated programming language. It represents the enhancement of the famous DOS-TDB, and is designed to handle databases on the Web. It connects to the Web server using the standard CGI interface, or runs on the command line. It is very small (about 400 KBytes), extremely quick, and easy to administrate. Its features are full text indexing, an automatic data link system, and the script language EASY, which replaces the commonly used SQL with its modular code.

Download Website Updated 15 Apr 2004 tdbengine Control Center

Pop 23.66
Vit 2.25

tdbengine Control Center is a Web-based front end to tdbengine. Data manipulation, modeling, indexing, searching, exporting, etc. will be included.

No download Website Updated 31 Oct 2001 tinySQL

Pop 22.72
Vit 67.91

tinySQL is a lightweight, extensible SQL engine written in 100% Java. It includes a JDBC driver, and has support for xBase DBF files and a flat text file format.

Download Website Updated 09 Apr 2002 tinydns-rrd

Pop 70.00
Vit 1.42

tinydns-rrd generates realtime graphs from your tinydns logs by using rrdtool. It works well with high traffic DNS servers.


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