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No download Website Updated 04 Apr 2004 My Query Report

Pop 9.06
Vit 61.03

My Query Report is a simple class that generates HTML reports from MySQL queries. It supports color themes.

No download Website Updated 26 Apr 2004 intraPerson

Pop 14.49
Vit 60.86

intraPerson is a GUI interface for managing Unix and Samba accounts, groups, and mailing aliases in an LDAP database.

No download Website Updated 01 May 2004 JPivot

Pop 31.50
Vit 60.82

JPivot is a JSP custom tag library that renders OLAP tables and charts. It allows users to perform typical OLAP navigation, such as drill down, slice, and dice. It uses Mondrian as its OLAP Server.

No download Website Updated 09 Jun 2004 Movie Librarian

Pop 18.44
Vit 60.50

Movie Librarian is a Web-based movie database to be used within a community where all members can list the movies they own. It features full text search capability and IMDB integration.

No download Website Updated 10 Jun 2004 @1 File Upload and Download Manager

Pop 21.40
Vit 60.49

@1 File Upload and Download Manager is a searchable flat text database manager for managing file uploading and downloading. It lets you define your own allowable file extensions and use your own icons. The default pre-defined extensions are pdf, zip, jpg, gif, png, doc, xls, mdb, ppt, txt, rm, mov, and wmv. File sizes and record dates are displayed in search results. The database can be categorized. The maximum file size allowed can be specified.

No download Website Updated 10 Jun 2004 @1 FAQ Publisher

Pop 19.29
Vit 60.49

@1 FAQ Publisher is a MySQL-based online FAQ management system.

No download Website Updated 13 Jun 2004 PerfParse

Pop 26.74
Vit 60.47

PerfParse is a tool for analysing the binary performance data produced by Nagios. It produces high quality accurate graphs of live data from standard Nagios plugins and stores a permanent history of plugin results with advanced analysis tools.

No download No website Updated 17 Jun 2004 SemWalker

Pop 11.87
Vit 60.43

SemWalker is a server-side Semantic Web browser with an integrated search engine. It offers a friendly Web interface to the RDFs found around the Web, and is used to power W3C's Ontaria service.

Download Website Updated 26 Jun 2004 Middle School Homework Page

Pop 16.61
Vit 60.35

Middle School HWPage is a Web homework delivery application designed primarily for middle schools. It has a teacher interface, an install wizard, an admin interface, a student interface, and more.

No download Website Updated 03 Jul 2004 Amberfish

Pop 12.92
Vit 60.30

Amberfish is a general purpose text/XML retrieval utility. It features indexing of both free text and nested fields, built-in support for XML documents, structured queries allowing generalized field/tag paths, hierarchical result sets, automatic searching across multiple databases, efficient indexing, and relatively low memory requirements.


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Aspose.Words for .NET

A word processing component for .NET applications.


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A utility that prints a sequence of network addresses.