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Download Website Updated 13 Oct 2004 StatCVS

Pop 61.34
Vit 2.71

StatCVS retrieves information from a CVS repository and generates various tables and charts describing the history of a software project development, such as a timeline for the lines of code, contribution of each developer, etc.

Download Website Updated 29 Aug 2002 CvsShell

Pop 16.79
Vit 65.51

CvsShell is a console-based CVS frontend. It provides convenient access to the CVS commands through a shell-like user interface.

No download Website Updated 08 Sep 2002 CvsInit

Pop 20.49
Vit 1.00

CvsInit (cvs_init) imports a working directory into CVS, but unlike 'cvs import', the user doesn't have to make an initial checkout afterwards, and can choose to import only some of the files. CVS can be used to back up some files without using it for the whole directory.

No download Website Updated 07 Oct 2002 CVS Web Client

Pop 36.22
Vit 1.00

CVS Web Client uses the original CVS backend. It is designed to an easy to use and powerful CVS client.

Download Website Updated 11 Jul 2005 CVSspam

Pop 98.29
Vit 3.61

CVSspam sends email when a change is committed to the CVS repository. Syntax-highlighted diffs describe the changes made, and links to Web frontends on CVS and bug tracking systems are generated where possible.

Download Website Updated 28 Aug 2005 Mezzanine

Pop 40.30
Vit 1.63

Mezzanine is a set of tools which simplify the management of software packages and collections of software packages. It provides encapsulation for source and package management as well as a streamlined mechanism for making changes to these packages.

Download Website Updated 12 Jul 2004 CVSToys

Pop 65.54
Vit 2.65

CVSToys is a collection of companion tools for the Concurrent Versions System, better known as CVS. It currently contains FreshCVS, which performs actions in response to a commit. Actions include notification by various methods, updating a working copy, and rsync'ing to backup. Another key feature of FreshCVS notifications is that you receive one per commit, not one for each directory of the commit as loginfo-triggered scripts are prone to do. FreshCVS is extensible with Python, and notifications may be published by a Perspective Broker network service, allowing 3rd party clients to listen in.

No download Website Updated 20 Nov 2002 cvscop

Pop 27.71
Vit 1.00

cvscop is a CVS policy program that is launched by the CVS administrative files, commitinfo, loginfo, taginfo, and verifymsg. It can deny CVS actions or launch external scripts based on the configured rule set. Rules can ensure that commit comments follow specified formats, restrict which users can delete tags, and much more.

Download Website Updated 13 Nov 2005 CVSPermissions

Pop 50.73
Vit 2.59

CVSPermissions is a toolkit that will allow CVS administrators to set up directory level access control in CVS for multiple CVS users. This toolkit is a collection of shell scripts and CVS configuration to achieve the access control functionality.

No download Website Updated 31 Dec 2003 CvsKnit

Pop 47.56
Vit 3.31

CvsKnit is a toolset to automate knitting up CVS repositories from existing source packages. This may be useful to start revision management with old releases included in the same repository, and to automate external released packages into a CVS repository.


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XML Security Library

Implementation of XML Signature and XML Encryption standards.