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Download Website Updated 08 May 2005 CryptNET_Keyserver

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CKS is an openPGP (RFC2440) compliant public key server. It is currently under development. It is written in C, and runs on Linux. It uses PostgreSQL for key storage, and supports the hkp protocol (it can interface with GnuPG and NAI PGP). The keyserver is mostly functional, and there is a link to a running copy on the homepage.

No download Website Updated 01 Apr 2014 libntru

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Vit 1.43

libntru is a C library which implements the NTRUEncrypt public-key encryption algorithm.

No download Website Updated 22 May 2012 UsbCryptFormat

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Vit 3.20

UsbCryptFormat is a graphical user interface (GUI) for the encryption of USB flash drives or external hard drives. It allows the user to reformat a USB flash drive, an SD card, or an external hard drive with an encrypted filesystem very easily and without the danger of destroying data on an internal hard drive because of incautious handling of device names. So it is usable even for a layperson.

Download Website Updated 30 Nov 2010 Keep It Secret! Keep It Safe!

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KisKis (Keep It Secret! Keep It Safe!) is an easy-to-use password manager. It allows the user to manage passwords for many different purposes, including network or Internet accounts, credit-card pin-numbers, and password-secured files. The accounts can be grouped hierarchically within a tree structure. Each account can be described by multiple attributes (such as user name or URL), file attachments, and comments. The history of each password change can be tracked. All passwords are stored in a single XML file using OpenPGP messages.

No download Website Updated 15 Dec 2009 Secure FTP Wrapper

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Secure FTP Wrapper is a server based package that enables an existing FTP server to become a Secure FTP server. In this release the wrapper allows a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection to be made to your FTP server.

No download Website Updated 23 Nov 2006 CATool Certificate Authority

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Vit 3.16

CATool is a Web-based, self-service private Certificate Authority for Unix. It can generate PKI encryption certificates for 802.1x wired and wireless authentication, Web servers, Web browsers, SSL, AOL Instant Messenger, Radiator, and any other PKI-compliant application. It supports Certificate Revocation Lists, email notification, etc. for small to large organisations.

Download Website Updated 10 Sep 2007 Digital Invisible Ink Toolkit

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DIIT provides a simple tool that can hide a message inside a 24-bit colour image so that knowing how it was embedded, or performing statistical analysis, does not make it any easier to find the concealed information. It also provides a framework for implementing other steganography algorithms for use in the tool.

Download Website Updated 16 Mar 2005 lsh

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lsh is a GNU GPL-licensed implementation of the SSH (version 2) protocol. It includes a server, a client, and some utility programs.

No download Website Updated 21 Feb 2005 minisip

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Vit 2.56

minisip is a SIP VoIP soft phone that implements additional security features such as mutual authentication, encryption and integrity of on-going calls, and encryption of the signaling (SIP over TLS). These security features use work-in-progress IETF standards (SRTP and MIKEY).

Download Website Updated 14 May 2005 PPTP Client

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PPTP Client allows you to connect to a PPTP server from a Linux box. It sets up a PPTP call, after which the PPP daemon establishes a PPP link over that PPTP call. The client can access PPTP-based VPNs. Besides remote access to internal corporate networks, some CATV and ADSL ISPs are using PPTP to provide Internet access to their customers.


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