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No download Website Updated 05 Dec 2010 Perl text to html converter

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Perl text2html is an HTML 4.01/CSS2 project that converts pure plain text files into very informative and professional looking HTML documentation pages. The text files require no markup whatsoever; just naturally written text. This utility predates the now similar Python-based asciidoc.

No download Website Updated 28 Mar 2012 XRNS-PHP

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XRNS-PHP is a collection of PHP5 command-line scripts for working with Renoise, a program for composing music using samples and sequencing. XRNS-PHP provides tools to convert, merge, compress, and otherwise manipulate the data files that are produced by and used with Renoise.

Download Website Updated 05 Dec 2012 Python Audio Tools

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Python Audio Tools is a collection of audio handling programs that work from the command line. These include programs for CD extraction, track conversion from one audio format to another, track renaming and retagging, track identification, CD burning from tracks, and more. It supports internationalized track filenames and metadata using Unicode. It works with high-definition, multi-channel audio as well as CD-quality. Track conversion uses multiple CPUs or CPU cores if available to greatly speed the transcoding process. Track metadata can be retrieved from MusicBrainz, FreeDB, or compatible servers. Audio formats supported are WAV, FLAC, WavPack, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, M4A, Apple Lossless, and more.

No download Website Updated 25 Jul 2007 Ipod MovieMaker

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Ipod movie maker is a dialog window bash script that allows you to merge *.txt subtitles with movie files and save the result in AVI format. You may convert many kinds of video to .mp4, which is an iPod Video compatible format. You will be only questioned about the location of a source movie, subtitles, encoding (default is WINDOWS-1250), font location (default is /home/$USER/.mplayer/font/subfont.ttf), and where to save the resulting .mp4 file. You can have each work done separately, or have whole process done at once, from hardcoding subtitles to encoding to iPod format.

Download Website Updated 16 Jun 2007 videocheck

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videocheck is a simple program for checking and analyzing video AVI file structure. The program is useful for recovering broken AVI files or finding bugs during development of software that produces AVI files.

Download Website Updated 12 Jun 2007 homeTVstream

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homeTVstream is a collection of shell scripts and a PHP-based Web page for watching TV on your LAN computers. It is based on VLC, and encodes and streams video using port 8080 in an MMS stream. You can watch it with VLC by using the URL mmsh://yourserverip:8080/, with any other MMS-capable player by using the URL mms://yourserverip:8080/, or just by opening the TV page in your Web browser.

Download Website Updated 06 Jun 2007 h264bitstream

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libh264bitstream provides a complete set of functions to read and write video streams conforming to the ITU H264 (MPEG4-AVC) video standard. The main design goal is to provide a complete, fully standards-compliant library for reading and writing H264 bitstreams. Reading and writing headers (sequence and picture parameter sets, slice headers, etc.) is fully implemented.

Download Website Updated 21 Jun 2007 dvdspanky

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dvdspanky is a CLI tool for converting video files into DVD compatible MPEG streams. It is designed to be easy to use no matter the input source, to automate common transcoding tasks, and provide powerful features such as specifying the destination file size and calculated clipping and letter-boxing. It provides a front-end to transcode, MJPEG tools, mplayer, and feh. The output is ready to use in programs such as dvdauthor.

Download Website Updated 19 May 2014 Video Contact Sheet *NIX

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Video Contact Sheet *NIX creates a contact sheet (preview) from videos by taking still captures distributed over the length of the video. The output image contains useful information on the video such as codecs, file size, screen size, frame rate, and length. It requires MPlayer or FFmpeg and ImageMagick. It is confirmed to work on Linux and FreeBSD, and possibly other POSIX/UNIX systems.

Download Website Updated 14 May 2007 CastCluster

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CastCluster provides access to additional content on iTunes, Apple TV, iPod, or a random podcast viewer. It currently supports YouTube, Google Video, Revver, local disks, and RSS feeds as sources of content. It uses ffmpeg for video conversion. It also provides some other bookmarklet functionality, like digg and del.icio.us.


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A mature implementation of a SIP server/proxy.


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A Qt-based multimedia player.