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Download Website Updated 08 Feb 2004 Live Penguin

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Vit 1.00

Live Penguin is an instant messaging and chat client, similar to LivePerson.

Download Website Updated 19 Jul 2004 IMDispatch

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IMDispatch is a Perl script that closely emulates the paradigm of telephone support over the AOL Instant Messenger service. Using the Net::OSCAR module to connect to the popular service, the program signs on as a specified user, queues queries sent to the screen name, and uses forwarding to facilitate a conversation with one of any number of available, designated representatives. An administrator can instantly send commands to the program, over the AIM service, to add and delete screen names from the list of representatives and monitor the number available or engaged in a support conversation. End users no longer have to be tied to their phones, listening closely for their opportunity to ask a question, and small organizations no longer have to pay for an expensive multi-line, toll-free number.

Download Website Updated 11 Feb 2008 Easy Cast du Multi Hub

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Easy Cast du Multi Hub (ecmh) is a networking daemon that acts as a full IPv6 MLDv1 multicast router. This allows IPv6 multicast routing on Linux. It will also allow IPv4 to IPv6 and IPv6 to IPv4 translation of multicast traffic, allowing multicast where it is not yet available otherwise. This code runs on the SixXS POPs, where this daemon runs on the POPs and let it easily do multicast IPv6. This allows the m6bone to grow and provide IPv6 multicast to end users. Users can deploy this software to enable their networks with multicast.

Download Website Updated 15 Jun 2008 Dokeos

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Vit 3.50

Dokeos is a Web application to manage learning and collaboration activities. It allows the teacher/trainer to create content, to structure activities along a sequenced path, to interact with students/trainees, and to follow their progress. It has been translated into 31 languages, and is used by more than 3500 organizations worldwide.

Download Website Updated 25 Aug 2006 phpScheduleIt

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Vit 4.18

phpScheduleIt is a Web-based resource reservation system. Features include friendly UI, recurring reservations, Outlook and iCal export, and email reminders.

Download Website Updated 04 Apr 2005 GYach Enhanced

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Vit 3.21

GYach Enhanced is a feature-rich, improved version of the original Gyach. It is the first Yahoo! client for Linux with voice chat capabilities. It offers almost all of the features you would expect to find in the official Windows Yahoo! client. The program offers support for chat, conferences, buddy lists, and My Yahoo content. In addition, Gyach Enhanced offers many features not available in the official Yahoo! clients for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Webcam support is under development and planned for the future. Unlike the original Gyach, GYach Enhanced is designed for Linux only.

Download Website Updated 08 Dec 2005 RTSP Caching Proxy

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Vit 2.49

RTSP Caching Proxy is a proxy for multimedia content that is transferred with the RTSP/RTP protocols. It has the capability of caching streams and playing them back to clients. It is a modified version of the RealNetworks RTSP proxy kit reference implementation.

No download Website Updated 21 Aug 2008 Akeni Instant Messaging Server Pro

Pop 89.35
Vit 3.32

Akeni Instant Messaging Server Pro is a client/server instant messaging platform that allows companies to host their own secured private IM system. The client has an user interface similar to AIM, ICQ, or MSN Messenger. It supports all the standard IM features such as chat, group conference, presence management, file transfer, offline messages, and emergency alert/notification. Extra features include contact management and optional tabbed chat sessions. The server has advanced administration tools for managing user accounts, client-side logging capabilities, and peer-to-peer file transfers. It can be set up on a private network without connecting to the Internet, and can easily be set up for use inside and outside of the company firewall.

Download Website Updated 01 Oct 2007 JWChat

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Vit 2.53

JWChat (Jabber Web Chat) aims to be a full featured, Web-based Jabber client. It uses only JavaScript and HTML on the client side. Currently, it supports basic Jabber instant messaging, roster management, and muc-based groupchats.

Download Website Updated 21 Mar 2005 Silky

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Vit 4.19

Silky is a secure chat client using the SILC protocol. It's OS-independent and uses the GTK toolkit.


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Talks to your 8-bit Apple computer over serial, ethernet, or audio links.