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Download Website Updated 23 Dec 2011 libFirm

Pop 47.77
Vit 4.34

libFirm is a library that provides an intermediate representation and optimizations for compilers. Programs are represented in a graph-based SSA form.

No download Website Updated 21 May 2014 libdwarf-dwarfdump

Pop 89.53
Vit 6.73

libdwarf reads and/or writes DWARF debugging information in Elf object files. dwarfdump uses libdwarf to read object files and print the DWARF content in a readable fashion. libdwarf implements the DWARF2 (and later) standard by providing function interfaces that abstract away many DWARF implementation details (the writer code only emits DWARF2 so far). The source also includes implementations of a few tree search (tsearch) algorithms (balanced, red-black, and binary).

Download Website Updated 23 Dec 2011 libfirm cparser

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Vit 3.46

cparser is a recursive descent C99 parser written in C99. It contains a lexer, parser, constructs an AST, and does semantic analysis. It is currently used as a frontend to the libFirm intermediate representation, but can be used independently. It supports lots of GNU extensions: enough to parse Linux/BSD system headers and compile typical C projects with it. It is able to bootstrap itself, and compiles and runs the spec CINT2000 without problems.

Download Website Updated 26 Feb 2013 libjit

Pop 89.04
Vit 1.62

The libjit library implements just-in-time compilation functionality. Unlike other JITs, this one is designed to be independent of any particular virtual machine bytecode format or language. Currently, libjit is used as the JIT backend for the DotGNU Portable.NET project (in addition to its default CVM backend). However, the hope is that other Free Software projects can use this library rather than spending large amounts of time writing their own JIT from scratch.

Download Website Updated 02 Feb 2011 linsmallc

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Vit 1.65

linsmallc is a port of the Cain/Hendrix Small-C compiler to Linux.

Download No website Updated 09 Oct 2005 linux-libc-headers

Pop 57.24
Vit 1.00

linux-libc-headers is a set of Linux kernel headers for building libc. Since Linux 2.6, the kernel authors have frowned upon userspace programs including the kernel headers directly. Instead, the recommendation was to use sanitized kernel headers for userspace programs. The Linux Libc Headers project provides such a set of sanitized headers. It was initiated as a PLD Linux specific project.

Download Website Updated 06 Oct 2013 mandoc

Pop 96.14
Vit 12.18

mdocml is a suite of tools for compiling "-mdoc", the roff macro package of choice for BSD manual pages, and "-man", the predominant historical package for UNIX manuals. The mission of mdocml is to deprecate groff, the GNU roff implementation, for displaying -mdoc pages whilst providing token support for -man.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 mary

Pop 21.77
Vit 1.42

mary is a free native code optimizing Forth compiler for PIC microcontrollers. Part of a bigger project, mary's aim is to be a fun and useful substitute for the assembly programming (and even C) on the PIC.

No download Website Updated 10 Aug 2007 medini QVT

Pop 11.09
Vit 1.00

medini QVT implements OMG's QVT Relations specification. It is an RCP application that includes a QVT Editor with syntax highlighting and a code assistant for QVT and OCL as well as an QVT execution environment with a powerful debugger for the QVT Relations language.

Download Website Updated 02 Jul 2001 mmake

Pop 30.27
Vit 2.67

mmake will generate a Makefile for Java programs. It supports packages, JavaDoc, Cleanup, preprocessor support for version handling, Jar files, Installation, and many more functions.


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A corpus query system for analyzed text.


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A drive encryption script that makes encryption of storage media and virtual files quick and easy.