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Download Website Updated 24 May 2003 Gabber

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Vit 4.23

Gabber is a Jabber client for GNOME. Jabber is a flexible distributed Open Source instant messaging system. It also happens to allow communication with other instant messaging systems, such as ICQ, AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, and even IRC. Gabber aims to implement quite a bit of Jabber's functionality while remaining easy to use.

Download Website Updated 25 Jul 2010 Pidgin

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Pidgin is a GTK2-based instant messenger application. It supports multiple protocols via modules, including AIM, ICQ, Yahoo!, MSN, Jabber, IRC, Napster, Gadu-Gadu and Zephyr. It has many common features found in other clients, as well as many unique features. Pidgin is not endorsed by or affiliated with AOL TimeWarner, Microsoft, or Yahoo.

Download Website Updated 03 Jul 2001 Gale

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Vit 2.24

Gale is an open-source messaging system. It provides private messaging and public chat, uses strong end-to-end cryptography for security, and supports a distributed server network with a range of clients (both console and GUI) available. Gale is currently in early alpha testing. See the homepage for the details of its current status.

Download Website Updated 04 Mar 2005 srvx

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srvx is a services package written in C from the ground up, for IRC networks that are based on IRCu 2.10.*. It is both highly efficient and extensible. Its features include Wingate, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5 proxy detection, and all the standard services users expect (ChanServ, NickServ, OpServ, Global).

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 Garble

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Garble is a console program for downloading data (waypoints, proximity waypoints, tracks, and routes) from Garmin GPS receivers. Garble is based on a portable library that implements most of the Garmin communications protocol, and supports most Garmin GPS receivers. Garble can also read the current time and postion from the GPS, get the product data, and turn off the GPS. Garble has been tested on a GPS 12XL (firmware 3.53) and a GPS III .

No download Website Updated 24 Jul 2003 gbiff

Pop 28.88
Vit 4.72

gbiff2 periodically checks for mail and displays headers when new mail has arrived. It relies on the GNOME and GTK libraries, but can be compiled and used with or without GNOME support. The protocols it supports are POP3, APOP, IMAP4, mh, qmail, and mailfile. Furthermore, gbiff2 is fully configurable, with a lot of options like polltime, poptime, sounds, mail reader, mailbox title, etc.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 GBNBot

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Vit 1.73

GBNBot is a BNet Bot written in Perl to moderate Bnet channels. It can accept commands from Ops, ban users, tag ban users, rejoin if it's kicked/banned, and run from a shell account. This bot is still in development but is very stable and very usable.

Download Website Updated 14 Jun 2003 GBuffy

Pop 29.12
Vit 2.34

GBuffy will poll multiple mailboxes for new mail. It will list the number of new messages in each mailbox you configure. It will also highlight the mailboxes that have new mail, and you can display the message headers by pressing mouse button one on a mailbox. GBuffy is currently capable of watching MBOX, MMDF, Maildir and MH Folders. This version also supports IMAP4rev1 and NNTP with XOVER mailboxes, as well as displaying X-Face headers.

Download No website Updated 18 Feb 2002 pyGCache

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Vit 2.18

GCache is a Python module that provides a generic cache class useful for speeding up any application where objects are referenced by keys. It uses object metadata to optimize hit-rates and freshness for fetches, and uses a "write-through" mechanism for writes and deletes. It can use "if-modified-since" fetches or rsync delta updates to refresh stale cached objects. GSource classes are provided for generating useful metadata from common sources (os.stat calls and MIME headers). A simple example urlCache is implemented that supports HTTP 1.1 (rfc2616) cache-control and expire headers to ensure freshness. Also included is an rfc2616 package useful for parsing HTTP 1.1 headers, and a PCache package implementing a persistant cache using a Python shelve.

Download Website Updated 10 Feb 2003 geektalkd

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geektalkd is a simple chat server designed for use with thin clients (like telnet, netcat, or one of the avaliable Perl clients). It features multiple channels, private whispers, and everything else you'd expect from a chat server. Additionally, all of the parser code can be rewritten and reread, so you can install new functions on the fly without restarting the server or kicking users off.


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An infrastructure manager.


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A mature implementation of a SIP server/proxy.