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Download No website Updated 09 Dec 2013 Magento PayPal Adaptive And Split Payments

Pop 40.40
Vit 16.70

Magento PayPal Adaptive And Split Payments is an extension which lets Magento-based online store owners transfer payments to a supplier, partners, or any other person at the time of sale. The payment of the customer will be split as per the defined rules and transferred to the stated account at the time of receiving payment from customers.

Download Website Updated 20 Nov 2013 Magento Order Attributes

Pop 38.63
Vit 14.76

Additional Checkout Attributes (a.k.a. Magento order attributes) is a Magento extension that allows store owners to add custom fields to the checkout page. It is intended for for merchants dealing in products which require diverse information from customers in order to complete checkout process. It supports text, date, checkbox, and radio button inputs. It works with one-step checkout, has easy one click installation, and allows fields to be added to different products individually, as a group, or for all products.

No download No website Updated 17 Jun 2014 Magento Partial Payment

Pop 37.15
Vit 19.44

Magento Partial Payment is a Magento extension that makes it possible for customers to pay the order amount in installments. It charges an initial down payment to book the order, and allows the remaining amount to be paid in instalments. It can also be used as a layaway solution. This way customers get the option to purchase multiple products simultaneously with a lower budget and can manage their finances.

Download No website Updated 25 Nov 2013 Magento Store Locator

Pop 36.47
Vit 18.14

Magento Store Locator is a Magento extension that adds Google Maps for your stores. It can detect the location of visitors and direct them to your closest stores. It supports all Magento community editions and it is fully customizable.

Download No website Updated 11 Nov 2013 Magento Dynamic Pricing Extension

Pop 35.92
Vit 16.97

Magento Dynamic Pricing Extension allows Magento site owners to calculate and display products prices based on meter, centimeter, or unit. Customers can get the price of a product based on dimensions they input such as length, width, square feet, volume, etc. Merchants set the units of input and output for each product. It is ideal for products like blinds, canvas, carpets, flooring etc. as it can not only calculate the actual size or area of the product for the customer’s requirements, but also give the exact price for it at checkout.

No download Website Updated 29 Mar 2013 CanvasJS

Pop 35.44
Vit 21.11

CanvasJS is an HTML5 charting and graphing library built on JavaScript and the HTML5 Canvas element. It runs across devices and performs 10x better than SVG and Flash-based charts. It is fully interactive and can render 100,000 data points in just over 100 milliseconds.

Download No website Updated 19 Dec 2013 Magento Length & Width-Based Price Calculator

Pop 35.21
Vit 17.14

Magento Length & Width-Based Price Calculator calculates the price of an item on a Magento site based on lengths and widths provided by the customers, and allows them to check out with the calculated price. The admin will have to import a CSV file containing the price in centimeter, meter, or any other available unit.

No download Website Updated 13 Dec 2010 FirefoxSync for DolphinHD

Pop 35.11
Vit 1.00

FirefoxSync for DolphinHD is a plugin for DolphinHD to keep information such as passwords, bookmarks, tabs, and history synchronized between you desktop Web browser and you mobile Web browser by using Mozilla Weave/Firefox Sync. It lets you access open tabs from the desktop on Dolphin and the other way around. It is not produced by the Mozilla Foundation.

Download No website Updated 13 Nov 2013 Magento Knowledge Base

Pop 34.38
Vit 18.89

Magento Knowledge Base extension has been developed by Fme that adds an FAQ section to each product page. It allows visitors to ask questions on the same product page under the FAQ tab, and merchants can answer those questions in accordion style, thus creating a pool of questions and answers which serve as a knowledge base for new visitors. Along with a FAQ for each product page, the extension creates a separate FAQ page for general Website questions related to shipping, payment, delivery, packaging etc. Other features include easy single click installation, SEO-friendly URLs, five different styles of the “ask a question” form and page, and CAPTCHA support.

No download No website Updated 19 Oct 2013 Magento Events Manager

Pop 33.35
Vit 15.55

Magento Events Manager is a Magento extension for managing events. It allows a store owner to create events and sell tickets by associating products with respective events. Visitors can view the events in the form of a calendar, and can buy tickets for any upcoming event.


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