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No download Website Updated 26 Mar 1999 Magic

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Magic is a rapid application development programming language based on forms. It creates Linux client applications and web applications for Oracle, Informix and C-ISAM databases.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 makeheaders

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The makeheaders program is a simple utility that will automatically generate all the ``.h'' files for large programming project based on information gleaned from the ``.c'' or ``.cpp'' source files. It operates by scanning the C and/or C++ source code, extracting appropriate macros, structure and subroutine declarations and writing this declarations, in the correct order, into the generated header files. The makeheaders program has been used on a variety of projects since 1993. It has proven very helpful in reducing the complexing and improving the reliability of these projects. It is very fast and very easy to use, requiring almost no changes to the coding styles employed by most C or C++ programmers.

Download No website Updated 29 Mar 2009 ManEdit

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The ManEdit UNIX Manual Page Editor is an editor specifically tailored for UNIX manual pages. It has a preview viewer, uses the manual page XML format for easy editing, and comes with a tutorial and reference guide. It uses the GTK+ widget set and features syntax highlighting, a complete drag and drop system for easy viewing and editing, a crash recovery system, and sample manual page templates.

Download Website Updated 19 Dec 2002 mkdep.perl

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mkdep.perl is a makedepend kind of program, which utilizes a system compiler (preprocessor) to figure out the dependencies. This version does not include system headers to generated dependency list. Currently dependency output is written to stdout instead of editing the Makefile.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 mktclapp

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Mktclapp is a tool for combining C/C++ code with Tcl/Tk to build a standalone executable that will run on machines without Tcl/Tk installed. Developers can use C/C++ for speed-critical code and Tcl/Tk for the user interface. The resulting sources will compile without change on both Unix and Windows98/NT. Embedded Tcl/Tk scripts can be shrouded so that they are unreadable by end users.

No download Website Updated 09 Jul 2002 Mork

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Mork is a compiler tool with XML support. You specify some syntax (either by a traditional grammar or by a DTD), and Mork generates the appropriate parser. It is implemented in Java and generates Java class files.

Download Website Updated 12 Feb 2005 motor

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Vit 5.75

Motor is a text-mode integrated programming environment for Linux. It consists of an editor with syntax highlighting, a project manager, a makefile generator, gcc, ctags, gdb, autoconf/automake and grep front-ends. CVS integration is also provided. It allows one to edit, compile, and debug programs without a need to leave the IDE, automatically check in/out files from a CVS repository and import projects into CVS, and generate distribution packages (tar.gz and RPM). The color schemes are customisable.

Download Website Updated 17 May 2002 olex

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Vit 1.97

Olex generates parses for generic grammars in C++. It takes full advantage of the object oriented environment. Lexical analysis and parsing are not artificially split unlike yacc and lex do, but are fully integrated. Olex is inspired by javaCC and is free software.

Download No website Updated 12 Oct 2013 Open Infrastructure for Outcomes

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OIO is a Web-based metadata/data management front-end which is built using Zope and works with Postgresql. No programming is required to build and manage Web-forms or to perform data mining/analysis on the collected data. It is in production at the Harbor/UCLA Medical Center for clinical outcomes management and research data. Forms created with OIO and hosted on any OIO server can be downloaded as XML files. Once downloaded from the "Forms library" and imported into an OIO server, the necessary database tables are automatically recreated and the imported forms become immediately available to the users of that OIO server.

Download No website Updated 12 Feb 2001 Parse::Yapp

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Parse::Yapp provides a set of modules and a frontend to generate Perl OO LALR(1) parsers. It can input clean yacc or bison grammars. The generated parsers are fast, being based, like yacc, on building Deterministic Finite Automata (DFA) and moving through a set of states using Deterministic Push Down Automata (DPDA) derived from the DFA to match the input stream tokens.


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A tool for comparing and merging files and directories.


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A pure Java Git solution.