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No download Website Updated 16 Aug 2004 IBM Software Evaluation Kit for Linux

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The Software Evaluation Kit for Linux is a free CD which contains IBM's industry-leading middleware for Linux. It includes DB2 Universal Database, WebSphere Application Server, IBM MQSeries for Linux, Web Services tools, and Lotus Domino.

Download Website Updated 06 Dec 2005 ferite

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ferite is a lighweight, portable, threadsafe scripting engine with a language that is very easy to pick up and use. It is fast, has a very small footprint, is object-oriented, and is designed to be modular and embeddable in other applications.

No download Website Updated 09 May 2004 OpenMCL

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OpenMCL is an Open Source version of Digitool's excellent Macintosh Common Lisp (MCL) implementation, which runs on LinuxPPC and MacOS X. It features a native code compiler, multithreading support, and good ANSI CL compliance.

Download No website Updated 02 Sep 2001 ATG Dynamo integration for JBuilder

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ATG Dynamo integration for JBuilder is a JBuilder 5 plugin that makes it easy to deploy J2EE applications to the ATG Dynamo Application Server version 5.1 (DAS). It can be installed and run with the other JBuilder 5 plugins such as BEA WebLogicServer 5.1, BEA WLS 6, IBM WebSphere 3.5, Borland AS 4.5, etc.

Download Website Updated 26 Sep 2003 Jatha

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Vit 1.09

Jatha is a macro preprocessor for Java. It's different from most macro systems because it doesn't just perform textual substituation the way C macros do; instead, in Jatha, each macro is processed by custom Java code that you write yourself. It allows you to have very smart macros. You can put Jatha macros inside any kind of file--Java source files, C++ source files, plain text, etc. Jatha is not intended for use in Web sites or HTML, because it is not designed to do macro expansions whenever a page is requested.

Download Website Updated 28 Sep 2001 Firewall Generator

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Firewall Generator is a CGI script that generates a bash shell script that contains a list of commands for configuring a set of firewall rules. The CGI script allows the user to select which services should be open and which network interfaces should be open.

Download Website Updated 26 Sep 2002 HTML to WML transcoder

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Vit 1.47

h2w is a pure Java application that allows to Web developers make their sites readable on wireless devices supports WAP protocol. It is a Java servlet that implements a special kind of HTML to WML mapping and converts on-the-fly existing Web pages into wireless-friendly ones.

Download Website Updated 08 Jul 2010 LXRAD

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LXRAD (Linux X11 Rapid Application Development) is written in C++ and uses the wxWidgets library. It is a library and RAD tool.

No download Website Updated 26 May 2014 Java SQL Admin Tool

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Admin is entirely written in Java. It uses Swing GUI Components and JDBC to connect to databases. It has been succesfully tested with MySQL, Derby, InstantDB, Oracle, Empress, MS SQL Server, and PostgreSQL. You can have a tree view of the RDBMS or pick a single instance to have a look at its metadata. It allows you to create, modify, and drop tables and to create indices on a table. The dynamic form makes it easy to enter data into a certain table, and the guided query makes it easy to retrieve data from a table and to export it. Java developers will probably enjoy the code generator doing an OO relational wrapper and a swing GUI for them. There is a tool with which SQL statements can be enriched with a few commands, generating a GUI to easily select data from a DB. You can also export and import data and transport it from one DBMS to another.

Download Website Updated 31 Jan 2007 GNU Lightning

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GNU Lightning is a library that generates assembly language code at run time. It is very fast, making it ideal for Just-In-Time compilers, and it abstracts over the target CPU, as it exposes to the clients a standardized RISC instruction set (inspired by the MIPS and SPARC chips).


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A tool for comparing and merging files and directories.


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A pure Java Git solution.